Restaurant Supported Fishery (RSF)


New Hampshire Community Seafood

invites you to join our 

Restaurant Supported Fishery (RSF)

Support our Local Fishing Industry and Get Fresh, Local Seafood        

New Hampshire Community Seafood (NHCS) is a cooperative of small boat fishermen from Seabrook, Hampton, Rye, and Portsmouth Harbor. In 2013, we started a Community Supported Fishery (CSF) and a Restaurant Supported Fishery (RSF) so we could share our abundant, delicious, local seafood with the community.  A Restaurant Supported Fishery is a supply driven model, dating back to origin of the “Catch of the Day”. Fish is delivered directly from New Hampshire and regional boats to your kitchen within 48 hours of offload, never frozen.


  • 10lb/week minimum order
  • Whole or fillet fish available
  • A diverse variety of familiar and underutilized local fish
  • Fishermen get a .50/lb incentive on every lb 
  • Get the freshest, best fish directly off the boat.
  • Deliveries Tuesday-Saturday


What we Offer

What we offer weekly depends on what’s in season, but the following species are included over the course of our April-December Season:

Fish  Haddock available weekly. Catch of the Week: Cod, Haddock, Monkfish, Atlantic Pollock, American Plaice, Winter Flounder, Yellowtail Flounder, White Hake, King Whiting, Acadian Redfish, and Dogfish (Cape) Shark.

We can connect you to our fishermen and distributors for:

Lobsters Culls and mixed chix, quarters and 1.5lbers. 2lb + available upon request

Jonah Crabs Available by the dozen

Pricing Whole fish prices are priced the same, regardless of species. Fillet prices are tiered according to the amount you order weekly. Fillet prices start at a competitive price/lb and decrease as your order volume increases.

Your Benefits

  • Ability to directly support NH's struggling Fishing Industry
  • Familiar and unique, local fish to promote at your establishment
  • Social Media Promotion on our FB, Twitter and Instagram
  • Promotion for your Restaurant/Retail to our entire CSF Membership

* To Join our RSF Today, please email or call: