Restaurant Supported Fishery (RSF)

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New Hampshire Community Seafood

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Restaurant Supported Fishery (RSF)


New Hampshire Community Seafood (NHCS) is a harvesting cooperative of small boat fishermen from Seabrook, Hampton, Rye, and Portsmouth Harbor. In 2013, we started a Community Supported Fishery (CSF) and a Restaurant Supported Fishery (RSF) so we could share our abundant, delicious, local seafood with the community.  A Restaurant Supported Fishery is like a farm share for restaurants. You get a weekly share of the “catch of the day” delivered directly from New Hampshire boats to your kitchen within 24 hours of offload.

  • Whole or fillet fish available
  • Get the freshest, best fish anywhere.
  • Receive a broad array of delicious, healthy, and sustainable stocks found off the coast of New Hampshire
  • Deliveries available on Tuesday-Saturday


What we Offer:

What we offer weekly depends on what’s in season, but the following species are included over the course of a full 15 or 30 week RSF session:

Gulf of Maine Cod, Haddock, Atlantic Pollock, American Plaice, Winter Flounder, White Hake, King Whiting, Monkfish, Yellow Tail Flounder, Acadian Redfish, and Cusk and Dogfish (Cape) Shark.

Whole fish prices are priced the same regardless of species. Fillet prices are tiered according to the amount you order weekly. Fillet prices start at a competitive price/lb and will decrease as your order volume increases.

How does it work?

1. You pick the day(s) for delivery, Tuesday-Saturday!

2. You choose the length of the contract, 15 or 30 weeks.  (Our RSF season starts May 1, 2017)

3. You choose your share size: minimum 15 lbs/wk-shares increase by 5 lbs. increments ( 20, 25, 30, 40 lbs., etc.). For larger weekly shares, prices are marginally lower.  Please inquire. 

4. Whole fish shares or fillet shares are available.

5. You can also purchase one share of stock in NHCS ($100 per share) when you sign up to be an RSF member.  


* To Join our RSF Today, please email or call:

Andrea Tomlinson



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