Hold My Fish/Double Share

Holds for the Fall Session will work as follows:

We ask that all Members do their own HOLDS and DOUBLES via our Member Login!

You can hold your fish share for any week you do not want that week's offerings or will not be available to pick up your share. The week(s) you choose to double up, you will receive double of that week's fish offering.

This feature is especially useful for when you are on vacation or cannot pick up your share for a week!

Simply select the week you wish to "hold" your share by Monday at 9pm the week OF your delivery. Then select the week you wish to "double up" your share to make up for your hold.


If you get a 2lb share, your double is TWO 2lb bags

If you get a 1lb share, your double is TWO 1lb bags.

If you get a 1/2lb share, your double is TWO 1/2lb bags.

LOBSTER HOLDS for Annual and 15-week Fall Members:

If you do not want lobsters, you will be refunded $23/share( 3-chix lobsters). Due to the price differences, lobsters and fish are not interchangeable and we cannot substitute fish for lobster!!

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