Meet Our Fishermen

Our NH Fishermen and Women face grave challenges this season. With many groundfish species catch limits reduced this year, some to over 97% of last year's allotment, this community needs our support more than ever!

We pride ourselves on our traceability and transparency concerning where your fish comes from. We buy directly from our fishermen, immediately process your fish into fillet and deliver to your pick up location.

Over a dozen fishermen belong to New Hampshire Community Seafood, only 8 are currently fishing. They are fishing out of Portsmouth, Rye, Hampton and Seabrook, NH. The majority of our fishermen are "day boat" fishermen, leaving in the early morning to go fishing and returning to shore at the end of the day with our catch.

Our fishermen use two main types of fishing gear: sink gillnet and otter trawl. Both gear types are used to catch groundfish.  Gillnet gear is a stationary, fixed gear that traps fish as they swim into the net.  Trawls are mobile gear that scoop fish up as it passes through schools.  Trawlers fish less area and make less tows, and gillnetters check and reset their gear daily. Both types of gear are regulated by very strict federal fishery management guidelines that are intended to ensure the sustainability of our fishery resources and our environment.





F/V Heidi & Elisabeth, Portsmouth Harbor

  • Boat: 2000 Novi from Nova Scotia
  • From: Eliot, Maine
  • Years Fishing:  Jamie has been fishing for 25 years, 20 of which he has spent gillnetting.
  • Hobbies: Fishing & going to the Patriots Games
  • Favorite Fish to Eat:  Flounder, Haddock, and Gray Sole


From Jamie to NH Seafood Consumers:

Buy fresh and local fish, but you got to look for it because it's not everywhere you look.  It's not in every supermarket or in every restaurant.  You got to look for it.”




F/V Vivian Mae, Portsmouth Harbor

  • Boat: Main Way, 42 foot
  • From: Newcastle, New Hampshire
  • Years Fishing:  Has been lobstering on his own for 19 years now, and 25 years before that.
  • About: He works 5 days a week pulling 350 of his 1,200 traps each workday.  He’s the founder of Portsmouth Lobster Company.
  • Hobbies:  Road biking and camping at his family’s site in Ossipee, NH, as well as promoting the NH Fresh & Local label.


From Damon to NH Seafood Consumers:  

“Support your local fishermen. Buy local seafood when available.”


TAYLOR PHILLIPS, Lobsterman, Scalloper

F/V Madrigan, F/V Sea Hag, Rye Harbor

  • Boat: 
  • From: Rye Harbor, New Hampshire
  • Years Fishing:  
  • About: 



ZACH GRIGGS, Gillnetter

F/V Bridget Leigh, Rye Harbor

  • Boat: 1997 Novi, 44 feet, built in Nova Scotia
  • From: Seabrook, New Hampshire
  • Years Fishing:  Zach has been fishing over 10 years since he was a teenager, but recently bought the Bridget Leigh from former owner and boss, Ricky Anderson. Zach crewed on the Bridget Leigh for 5 years before buying the boat this year.
  • About: Zach is a fun loving, entertaining Captain and currently NH's youngest Groundfishermen! We are so proud of Zach and hope other young hopeful Captains will follow in his footsteps!


F/V Witchcraft, Rye Harbor

  • Boat: 
  • From: Rye, New Hampshire
  • Years Fishing:  Jay has been fishing for over 30 years, having originally started fishing with his uncles.
  • About:  
  • Hobbies: Jay enjoys scuba diving, and working on fixing things that are broken. 
From Jay to NH Seafood Consumers:  
“Thank you everybody for supporting us because without your help, we wouldn’t be here.  It’s the truth.”

TOMMY LYONS, Gillnetter

F/V Marion J, Hampton Harbor

  • Boat: 1982 Young Brothers Boat, 40 foot
  • From: Hampton, New Hampshire 
  • Years Fishing:  Tommy has been gillnetting since 2000
  • About:  Tommy is a graduate of UMASS where he received a degree in math and science.  He has worked as a Hampton Police Officer and as a teacher at Portsmouth High School.
  • Hobbies: Tommy is a New England sports fan and also enjoys raising horses and racing them.


From Tommy to NH Seafood Consumers:  

“The freshest fish you can get is if you buy it locally.  You'll see a lot of haddock in the grocery stores, but that's all from a long ways away.  Plus buying local you're supporting your local economy.”


NEAL PIKE, Stern Dragger

F/V Sandi Lynn, F/V Hope Lynn Seabrook Harbor

  • Boat: 1985 Novi, 42 foot
  • From: Seabrook, New Hampshire 
  • Years Fishing:  Neal started fishing in 1975 at the age of 23.
  • About:  Neal started out lobstering and later switched to dragging.  He usually fishes with his son, also Neal, a law school graduate. 
  • Hobbies: Neal enjoys fishing, watching movies, and riding his motorcycle.


From Neal to NH Seafood Consumers:  

“Thank you.  We appreciate it.  If they didn’t buy our fish, we wouldn’t be able to make it. That’s the truth.”


DAVID GOETHEL, Stern Dragger

F/V Ellen Diane, Hampton Harbor

  • Boat: 1982 Custom Built Boat by John Williams Company
  • Lives: Hampton, New Hampshire 
  • Years Fishing:  David has been fishing since 1981.
  • About:  David is a graduate of Boston University with a B.S. in Biology.  He is a strong advocate for collaborative research between scientist and fishermen. He is actively involved in federal fisheries management, and has served 3 terms (nine years) on the New England Fisheries Management Council (the regional 
From David to NH Seafood Consumers:   
“Broaden your horizons.  There are a lot of really great fish that are caught off the coast of New Hampshire that people around here have never tried.  They’re not even being sold in local markets, but that’s because no one’s asking for them."
Fanel Dobre, Owner of F/V Anne Marie and Angela Michelle
Charles "Puggy" Felch, Jr., Owner/Captain of F/V Lady Victoria
Kurtis Lang, Owner/Captain F/V Allana Renee