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What’s a CSF?

CSF stands for Community Supported Fishery.  The purpose is to link the fishermen directly to the local market, so we can keep the local catch local.  By supporting a CSF, you’re choosing to support sustainable fishing practices as well as helping to reconnect your coastal community with its local food system.  As a member of the CSF as well as a member of this community, you’re given the ability to physically engage with your local fishermen, and, most importantly, are given a voice within your local food system.


What kinds of seafood will I get in my share?

We will offer a variety of fish on a rotating scheduled, including American Plaice (Dab), Greysole, Yellowtail Flounder, King Whiting, Monkfish, Atlantic Pollock, Redfish, Dogfish (Cape) Shark, White Hake, Arcadian Redfish, Butterfish, Gulf of Maine Cod, Butterfish or Silver Hake. What you receive each week is dependent on what’s available that time of year, what the fishermen are able to catch, and what kind of share you’re signed up for. 


How far in advance will I know what I’m getting?

We’ll do our best to let you know the Monday of the week of your pick up as to what type of fish you will be receiving in your share each week, although as a consumer supporting local sustainable fishing practices, you must realize that the fishermen may not always land what they predict.  We’re at the mercy of Mother Nature and, as a CSF member, you must be willing to accommodate her. If we’re forced to cancel a drop-off due to extenuating weather circumstances, etc., we’ll account for that missed week by adding it on at the end of the 6th week for a 7th week pick up. 


How much seafood will I get?

The amount of seafood that you receive each week depends on what kind of share you sign up for. We offer ½-, 1- and 2-lb. shares of fillets to be picked up each week. Whole fish is available on request for restaurant accounts only.


When and where can I pick up my catch?

We offer many convenient pick-up locations in different parts of the state. You can sign-up to pick-up your weekly share at one of these specific locations, times, and days of the week. Our schedule of pick-up locations and times is posted under our "Pick-Up Locations" tab here.



What do I do if I can’t pick up my seafood due to travel or other extenuating circumstances?

Each member of the CSF is allowed to HOLD their share up to 10 times per season with no additional fees. You must notify us the MONDAY, BY 9pm BEFORE the week you would like to HOLD and then subsequently, DOUBLE up on your share another week within the session. HOLDS must be done through the Member Log In Feature on our website.


What do I do if I don’t know what to do with my catch?

Fish is incredibly versatile! Don’t worry if you’re at a loss of what to do, that’s part of the fun of being a member! It gives you the ability to experiment and try something new.  We’ll do our best to post recipes as well as ideas as to what to do with your catch of the week in our weekly online newsletter. Fish also flavors up nicely with marinade and seasonings. Don’t be afraid to get creative. Check out our Pinterest page for even more ideas!


Who will I be supporting by joining this CSF?

By signing up for our CSF, you’ll be supporting your local NH fishermen, as well as the local infrastructure set up to support our local fishing fleet--establishments such as Yankee Fishermen’s Cooperative and Seaport Fish. Similar to the way that small farms are struggling to survive in the face of big pressures from industrial agriculture, New Hampshire’s small boat fleet struggles to compete with the big industry boats. Your membership is vitally important to help us stay in business. In addition, you’ll be supporting the environment by supporting sustainable fishing practices, as well as decreasing your food’s carbon footprint.


What do I do if I find worms in my fish?

Despite the efforts of our processor's "dewormers", you may occasionally find worms in your CSF fish. If you do, please don’t be alarmed!  It doesn’t mean your fish is spoiled. In fact, it means that your fish is fresh and hasn’t previously been frozen.  The reason you don’t typically see worms in the fish you buy in the supermarket is because that fish has usually been frozen and thawed several times before you buy it, which kills off the worms. Otherwise, it’s been sitting in a seafood case for some time, while a market worker picked the worms out as they surfaced.  That being said, worms are a natural part of a fish's life cycle and you’re bound to see them in our CSF's fish from time to time. A good trick to picking them out is to place the fish in the freezer for 10-30 minutes before preparing it.  Briefly freezing the fish forces any remaining worms to rise to the surface, at which point they can easily be picked out. The worms are entirely harmless, so don't worry if you unknowingly ingest one or two. Just remember, worms are a good sign of a healthy, freshly-caught fish.