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Some details on your CSF Membership, starts May1

Posted 4/20/2017 2:43pm by Andrea Tomlinson.

NH Community Seafood-Community Supported Fishery (CSF)

Eat Fresher Fish.  Support Your Fishing Community.

Dear %%user-name%%,

Thank you for signing up with NH Community Seafood for our Spring/Summer Session of our Community Supported Fishery! Your purchase makes a direct impact on our local NH Fishing Industry and our local economy!

We have your Member type as %%member-types-text%%.

We have you signed up for a pick up at %%pickup-title%%,  %%pickup-time%%, located at %%pickup-location%%. The following Members are on your account: %%member-label%%, but anyone can pick up your share for you, they do not have to be listed on your account.


FAQs about this upcoming Season:

Q: When does the Session Start?

A: May 1 is our first week, we call this Week 1. 8-week Memberships go until June 24, 15-week Memberships until August 12, Annual Memberships until December 2.

Q: How do I know what is being offered each week?

A: Each Monday of the Session, we send out a newsletter highlighting what fish or shellfish is "The Catch of the Week", including the Fisherman who caught your fish and recipe ideas. If you don't like those offerings, you can "hold" for that week (instructions below)

Q: Can I extend my Membership to 15-weeks or the Annual Membership if I like the program?

A: Most definitely! We will send out an email at the latter part of the 8-week Session with an offer to extend your Membership.

Q: What if I don't want the Lobsters or the Oysters?

A: Lobsters will be Week 3 (May 15-20) and Oysters will be Week 5 (May 29-June3) and Week 8 (June 19-24) If you do not want shellfish any of these weeks, simply go to our Member Login section here: %%login-link%% and "HOLD" for that week. You will receive a credit on your account for $16/oyster weeks and $14/lobster week.  You can then use that credit to buy "Additional Fish" the following week or additional shellfish on Shellfish Weeks OR one of our various seasonal "Add-ons" throughout the season.
Q: Can I get fish in place of the Lobsters or Oysters on those weeks?
A: We would really like to accommodate our non-shellfish eaters, but we are unable at this time to provide fish on the shellfish weeks. That's why we are offering an instant credit to buy more fish the weeks directly following the shellfish weeks. 

Q: What if I am away one of the weeks and can't pick up my share?

A: If this is Week 3, 5 or 8, please hold for that week, but we cannot offer a double of shellfish or fish to make up for a missed shellfish share, only a credit, due to pricing differences between the shellfish and  fish shares. If you have to hold on a shellfish week, we will credit you as described above. If it is any other week within the 8 or 15 week session, we have a simple and user friendly "hold system" just go to http://www.nhcommunityseafood.com/members/scheduleactions and choose the week you will be away and "hold" that week and choose another week within your session to "double up" your fish share. REMINDER; We are not able to allow Doubles on the Shellfish weeks to make up for a missed fish share, which are Weeks 3, 5, and 8 (see dates above). So no doubles will be accepted for those weeks.

Q: What can I do to help NH Community Seafood reach more people who would love to have fresh seafood weekly?

A: I thought you'd never ask! We are starting a new campaign called "Members Finding Members". We want to put the "Community" back into our Community Supported Fishery. That means it takes all of us to get the word out to our family, friends, coworkers and neighbors about this awesome program. 

If each of us simply refers ONE PERSON to this program, we could instantly double our Membership and make a greater impact on our NH Fishing Community's livelihoods, people who need our support more than ever this year.

Here is a link to our Sign up Page for new Members you could send out: http://www.nhcommunityseafood.com/members/types

If you like Facebook, please share one of our sign up posts here: https://www.facebook.com/NhCommunitySeafood/

If you use Twitter, feel free to Retweet our Sign up posts here: https://twitter.com/NHCommunityFish

And if you prefer Instagram, we are there too, right here: https://www.instagram.com/nhcommunityseafood/

Our goal this year is to obtain 1000 Members! Please help us by referring just one person to this program!

Thank you for your support. We look forward to providing you with the freshest seafood NH has to offer all season long!

See you the first week of May!

All the best,

Andrea Tomlinson

General Manager/Seafood Enthusiast






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