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Our local fishing industry needs your support more than ever! Help keep us afloat, sign up for a sha

Posted 4/16/2020 3:59pm by Andrea Tomlinson.

Eat Fresher Fish.  Support Our Local Fishing Industry.



If you haven't seen us in the news yet,  click here for a link to the state of our local fishing industry, since the Coronovirus pandemic, on WBZN news last week, Channel 4 in Boston. 

Local fishermen currently have very little demand for their product. Almost 90 % of our seafood in NH is shipped out of state or exported within 24 hours of landing! These markets are typically wholesale brokers or restaurants and they are not available to our fishermen right now.

We are a cooperative and buy directly from local fishermen, lobstermen and oyster farmers and sell directly to you, the consumer. We pay all our fishermen a fair market price plus an incentive, on every pound of seafood we buy! Our Spring Session starts the week of May 18!


EAT LOCAL: We have multiple Pick up locations for you to pick up your shares, many at local farm stores, retail or natural food stores! All are open and deemed essential as food providers!





You can support our local fishing industry by signing up for a Fish Share for 8, 16 or 32 weeks. Sign up here today!

We also offer a Shellfish Share, biweekly with a 16 and 32 week option. Sign up here. These include straight-off-the-boat lobsters, crabs, scallops, oysters and mussels!

SAFETY PRECAUTIONS: Please be assured our fishermen and processors are using all necessary precautions to keep our fish and shellfish safe! And even better, local seafood passes through minimal hands before it gets to you!

PICK UPS: For pick up locations with staffed volunteers, we will have every  precaution in place to assure your safety. Other pick ups will be self serve with no contact pick up.

There has never been a more crucial time to support our local fishing industry! Please take a few minutes to sign up for a share of fish and shellfish here!

All the best, 

Andrea Tomlinson
General Manager



1 Peirce Island Rd-Portsmouth-NH-03801




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