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NHCS Newsletter,Week 5, Session 1

Posted 6/15/2015 7:39pm by Andrea Tomlinson.

NH Community Seafood 

Community Supported Fishery

Eat Fresher Fish.  Support Seacoast Fishermen.


Hello CSF Members

Welcome to Week 5 of Fresh and Local Seafood from the NH Community Seafood, NH's ONLY CSF!  This week's featured fish is none other than the elongated spotted cousin to the Cod and Haddock, the White Hake, or otherwise called "Mud Hake".


Distinguished by the white barbels on the chin and white spots, white hake are found from the Gulf of St. Lawrence to Cape Hatteras, NC and occasionally some schools will stray into deep waters off the coast of Florida. White hake migrate from cooler, deeper waters in the winter to warmer, shallower waters in the spring and summer. Some juveniles can be found in estuaries in the summer. Adult hake can live up to 20 years old and female white hake are among the most fertile of all groundfish (the fish that live on the bottom or "ground" of the ocean), producing up to several million eggs in one spawn!

Despite it's name, the hake is not all white, it is a mud-colored (hence the nickname, "Mud Hake"), white spotted fish on the sides, bronze-gold colored on top and white on the underbelly. The have a rather large mouth, the cardinal barbel and very long pectoral (the ones on the sides)fins that have ray- like projections spanning off the body.

Due to the bad weather today, we sourced some our fish for our early week pick up locations from a guest boat  fishing in the Gulf of Maine, in addition to our NH Sector fisherman, Tim Daggett, captain of the F/V Anne Marie. 

White hake are delicious because they primarily eat small crustaceans like lobsters and crabs and shrimp! What a bonus for us! Their flesh is a thick, white meaty consistency and cooks up nicely. Here is a link to some great recipes on Pinterest,https://www.pinterest.com/explore/hake-recipes/. Speaking of Pinterest, the new site for mouth watering pictures of all kinds of foods, NH Community Seafood is in the process of developing our own Pinterest page, check it out!

Now, its Logistics time:

Manchester Pick Up: Manchester pick up will move to the Manchester Farmer's Market on Concord Street, next to Victory Park, starting THIS WEEK. Pick up times have moved to 3-6pm You can find our fish and our friendly volunteer, Melody Wyman at the market next to Brookford Farm, who delivers our fish to Manchester each week.

Farmer Dave's, Dracut, Mass Pick Up: If you did not get the email in time last week Dracut folks, so sorry! As I'm sure you now realize, you are now picking up at Farmer Dave's on 437 Parker Road.

Peterborough Pick Up: Patient Peterborough People, you may have noticed if you are an early bird arrival at our 4 Laurel Ave pick up that the Brookford delivery truck has been having a hard time getting there by 4pm. We are negotiating this currently, but to be safe, don't arrive until 4:30pm this week.Brookford has several deliveries that day and has been pressed for time each Friday. We may have to bump this pick up a bit later again, stay tuned! 


Remember, you signed up for a 6-week session and we are in Week 5. Next week is the last week of this session AND TO CONTINUE RECEIVING FRESH AND LOCAL SEAFOOD, YOU HAVE TO SIGN  UP AGAIN FOR SESSION 2, RUNNING FOR 6 WEEKS, FROM JULY6-AUGUST 16! Just click here to sign up! Unfortunately, we have no other way to renew your membership at the present time..you MUST GO ONLINE AND SIGN BACK UP FOR SESSION 2. You have until JULY 6 to do this! And tell your friends and family and coworkers! We are trying to increase our current numbers at our already established pick up locations.

We will also be adding more pick up locations next session,  due to popular demand. We are excited to announce our two new pick up locations :GREENLAND, at the Farmer's Market and NORTHWOOD at Hunky Dunk/Keepin' It Local Market. So, if one of these locations is more convenient for you to pick up at, please feel free to switch when you are signing up for Session 2!


Session 2 will feature some delicious "Add ons" for you to purchase in addition to your weekly share. Look for email notification about Add-ons like Lobster Ravioli and local, organic, farm raised NH oysters from NH's Great Bay Estuary and possibly NH lobsters ! It's time to appeal to the shellfish lovers out there!

We have started our Restaurant Supported Fishery(RSF) as of last week. So, be sure to eat at one of these fine establishments, supporting our local fishermen: Hayseed Restaurant in Hampton at Smuttynose Brewing Company, The Black Trumpet and Moxy in Portsmouth and the Local Eatery in Laconia! Thanks to these enlightened chefs for supporting our mission! Please support them and tell them I sent you!

Don't forget to sign up for Session 2 online. Click here to sign up now.

As always, Eat Fresher Fish an Support Your Seacoast Fishing Community.

And for goodness sake, have fun with the hake!


Be well,








Andrea Tomlinson

Manager, New Hampshire Community Seafood

(603) 767-7209

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