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NHCS Newsletter,Week 2, Session 1

Posted 5/26/2015 3:21pm by Andrea Tomlinson.



Hello again CSF Members,

It's Week 2 and we are over 500 strong, with over 15 pick up locations in New Hampshire and northern Massachusetts. I apologize for the delay in sending out the newsletter this week, with the Holiday weekend, there were not a lot of boats fishing and I am just coming from our processor to inspect this week's catch of Acadian Redfish!

Our fisherman this week is Tim Daggett of the Anne Marie and we received some help from a sister boat, the Teresa Marie IIII.

Those of you who were members last year remember this delicious specimen! The Acadian Redfish, often times called Ocean Perch, may look like a tropical fish from the islands, but it is not! This member of the rockfish family is a deepwater (hence their large eyes), slow-growing, long-lived fish that spans a habitat in the Atlantic Ocean from Norway to Georges Bank. Not to be confused with red drum, a southern species down south, the Redfish births live young (very rare with fish) and can live to be up to 50 years old! This fish species fed our military for 10 solid years from the 1940's through the early 1950's and has just begun to experience a revival in fish markets throughout New England.

The fillets on these fish are thin and delicate but have a lot of distinct flavor. You will receive your fillets with the skin on. Remember, the skin of the fish is where most of the healthy Omega-3 oils are stored AND they add a lot of flavor when cooking. Redfish is low in saturated fat and can be substituted for haddock in any recipe. Try them in fish tacos, sauteed in butter with lemon and garlic or on the grill in tin foil. Here is a link to a number of great redfish recipes: http://www.cooks.com/rec/search/0,1-0,redfish,FF.html.

Now for some logistics:


You will notice this year we are labeling your shares with our fancy NHCS labels. They have our logo, the NH Fresh and Local logo, our website, they are great...the only thing they lack is the weight of the fish! To avoid what seems to have been an issue in the past and was unfortunately an issue our first week in Durham (sorry Durham folks!), we are now COLOR CODING the bags as follows: Pink dots-Quarter Shares (1/2lb), small rectangular bags, Yelllow dots-Half Shares(1lb), medium sized square bags,Green dots-Full Shares (2lbs), the biggest, gallon sized bags. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ARE TAKING THE CORRECT SHARE OUT OF THE COOLER and not leaving a lesser value share for other members who come later at your pick up!


To view all pick up times and locations, please go to this link:http://nhcommunityseafood.com/pick-up-locations Some changes to remember:

Nashua- As you know from last week, we have moved from the Unitarian Church to the Baptist Church on 121 Manchester, Street and pick ups there are from 4-6pm

Dracut, MA- Sorry about the confusion, we thought Farmer Dave's and Brox Farm Stand were one entity. You will continue to pick up at BROX FARM STAND until June 9, when you will start to pick up at the barn at the true Farmer Dave's, on Parker Road.

Exeter- We are not at the Farmer's Market this year. We are partnering with Brookford Farm at the residence of 9 Newfields Road  (aka Route 85)from 3-6pm.

Peterborough-For those of you who were there between 3-4pm on Friday, our Brookford Farm driver profusely apologizes. We will have to push the Peterborough pick up back to 4pm-8pm in order to ensure our partners with Broodford Farm can be there. Sorry for the inconvenience. If you did not receive your share, our gracious host, Sara has kept it in the freezer for you until this week. Thanks Sara!

And remember, please refer to your email from me from last week on HOW TO DO A HOLD OR CHANGE YOUR PICK UP LOCATION OR SHARE AMOUNT. You must do this the SATURDAY BEFORE the week you wish to make the change.

Our NH Day Boat Fleet is about to begin fishing often starting June 1. You will be seeing a lot in the news about the state of the fishery in New England. See our "News and Updates" Section on our website to keep up with all the latest news that NHCS is featured in. 

In addiition to being on an NHPR Panel two weeks ago with NHPR's host, Laura Knoy, we were also just voted by New Hampshire magazine as BEST Seafood Source OF NH 2015 .

And it's all because of you and your support for our NH Fishermen and Women who work hard to provide you with fresh, locally caught seafood from sea to plate.

Thanks for your continued support and enjoy the delicious Acadian Redfish!

Be well,


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