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NHCS Newsletter: Week 8, Season 3

Posted 12/1/2014 4:34pm by Andrea Tomlinson.

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Week 8, Season 3

Ahoy CSF Members.

Hard to believe, but we are entering our last and final week of the season.  Back by popular demand, we will have Acadian Redfish for all CSF members this week.  By now most of you are familiar with this tasty little fish, but for those of you who are not, I will share a bit of information with you about the fish.

Redfish is a much smaller fish than many of our other groundfish we offer and therefore yields smaller fillets. You will find that the skin will be left on your fish this week, but it will be scaled. The skin itself is actually an orange red, hence the name Redfish. Our processors do their best to pick-out all bones, but please be cautious of any little ones that may have been overlooked.   


This is one of our most excellent taco fish, so if you're looking to have a fiesta, this is your fish. When cooking Redfish, I like to dredge the fish in a spicy panko coating and then pan fry the small fillets, and layer them in a taco with an aioli and summer slaw. It's also a great recipe for those of you who are a bit more adventurous and like to do a Thai sort of dish with coconut milk and maybe some lemon grass.  I recently breaded redfish fillets in a panko, coconut, red pepper mix and baked them for 15 minutes.  Absolutely delicious.  Get creative. There is no wrong way when it comes to fish this fresh.   


I would also like to recommend giving ceviche a try. It's relatively simple to make if you have some citrus on hand and some patience.  The only thing that might make preparation a bit tricky would be removing the skin from the fillets.  If you've got the time though, and have yet to give ceviche a go, I suggest trying this recipe.  The key to ceviche is knowing you have a quality fillet...

Fresh Ceviche:  Coarsely chop your fillets into small pieces and place in a bowl.  Squeeze the juice of limes or lemons into the bowl with your fish until your fish is completely covered and soaking in the juice of the citrus.  Throw in a dash of salt.  Gently stir and then cover the bowl and refrigerate.  You want to let the fish sit for a minimum of 3 hours, but it can sit for longer no problem if need be.  Notice the fish has turned an opaque white, and has become "cooked" by the citrus.  Drain of the excess liquid. Next squeeze in some fresh citrus for flavoring.  Now for the fun part; get creative.  Your fish is ready to eat, you just need to flavor your dish.  There are no right or wrong answers when mixing a ceviche.  My favorite things to add are chopped red onion, a jalapeño, cilantro, maybe some chili powder and paprika, and try adding some fresh fruit or produce, whatever may be in season.  (The picture below is from one I made during Strawberry season this past June, hence the strawberries.)  Season with salt and pepper.  Serve up with some baguette or tostinis or as side to a salad and ENJOY!  


We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday with friends and family this past week.  And that everyone was able to stay safe during the storm.  Sorry for those of you who may have had difficulty picking up last week due to the storm, or who may have missed pick-up all together.  It's hard to believe that any of our fishermen even went out in such crazy weather.  Luckily they all made it to shore safe.  Thanks for thinking of them.  

For those of you who had put vacation holds on your shares this past week, we will have double shares for you this last week.  For any of our other members that we still may owe a share to from a missed week, like several of our Peterborough members, please email me this week.  We'd like to get everyone their missed shares this final week.  If you are not caught up by the end of this week, you will need to contact us so we can make alternative plans.  


Also, as it turns out, we still have several members who have not paid for this final season.  If that is you, please send us an email so we can get you squared away.


Looking ahead, for those of you who are dreading the close of our second year of NH's fresh catch, there will be other options until next time.  A good place to start is to download Amanda Park's phone app designed in partnership with NH Sea Grant.  It's called Local Fish Finder and has all the information you'll need to help you locate the freshest fish our Granite State has to offer.  You can search for it at Google Play.  Also, NHCS is hoping to have a table at the Exeter and Rollinsford Farmers' Market this Winter.  Please stop by and say hello.  

As for next year, we hope to have you all back for another successful year.  Grow with us.  Help us sustain the growth of our states only Community Supported Fishery.  In the past year alone we went from only 200 CSF members to over 600 strong plus our growing Restaurant Supported Fishery with over 10 participating restaurants.  We have all of you to thank for that.  Our fishermen have not had such overwhelming support in a long time.  Thank you for helping us spread the word about our Secoast Fishing Community and being the voice for our NH Fishermen.  And in the meantime think good thoughts for our guys.  They are facing some severe drastic cuts in their fishing quota in the months to come, and it's going to take something just short of a miracle to sustain our industry.  


That being said, during the offseason, do your part.  Follow along with what is happening with our local fishermen.  Read the articles in the news, follow the online podcasts, ask questions, inform others, share what you know, and research what you don't.  Seacoast Fisheries Roundtable, is an informative podcast hosted by UNH Professor and Fisheries Extension Specialist at NH Sea Grant, Erik Chapman; a great place to start.  That is just one example.

Check out NH Seafood's page often, support F/V Rimrack off the boat scallops when possible, and give lobsterman F/V Vivian Mae's page a like.  Buy fish at your local market such as Seaport Fish or stop by Yankee Fish Cooperative and check out what they have to offer.  Show your support & be an advocate!


And maybe most importantly...Read your Fishues!
Thanks for a great season everyone! Couldn't have done it without you.  We appreciate the continued support.  Enjoy your last week of fish and stay in touch.
Until next time,





Sarah VanHorn

Co-Founder/General Manager

(207) 899-6042


Josh Wiersma, Ph.D

Co-Founder/Executive Director

(603) 682-6115

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