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Posted 7/3/2020 4:55pm by Andrea Tomlinson.

Eat Fresher Fish.  Support Our Local Fishing Industry.

Welcome to Week 8, starting Monday, of our Community Supported Fishery and Happy 4th of July weekend to you, albiet far from our normal holiday weekend.

Next week we are delighted to be offering Bluefin Tuna as our Catch of the Week and Jonah Crabs as our Shellfish Share and Add on!

Important things to remember:

  • When we announce the Catch of the Week on Fridays, it is what we anticipate our chosen fishermen will be targeting, your fish is not caught on Fridays! Your fish is always caught 1-3 days before delivery
  • If you don't know what to do with Jonah crabs, check out our veteran crabpicker from Long Island, Maine, "Peachy" Stevens video on our Facebook page here
  • You can always check in on your Member status, orders you have made and Pick up location changes and balances at our Member login here
  • When you are a Fish and Biweekly Shellfish Member, you receive both for the week
  • If you do a HOLD for the week, you can double up on a subsequent week
  • If you do a HOLD and are a Fish and Shellfish Member, and you hold on a Shellfish week, please only select a week we offer Shellfish to double up, you can find that schedule here
  • LOBSTERS OFF THE BOAT: When we don't have lobsters, you can get them direct off the boat from the following fishermen/women: Doxy Lobster, in Rye, NH Southern Maine Crabs, in Kittery, ME, F/V Julie Ann III in Portsmouth, NH. Simply use the link and go to their Facebook site and order there. 


Our fish this week is Bluefin Tuna, a local Gulf of Maine species. When you hear about tuna fishing in NH, it is these tuna that the fishermen are targeting! Bluefin Tuna is best known as for its high fat content, sushi quality flesh, called Mahuro or Toro in the sushi world. 80% of Bluefin Tuna landed in the World goes to the sushi market, primarily to Japan.

U.S. wild-caught western Atlantic bluefin tuna is a smart seafood choice because it is sustainably managed under a conservation and management plan, by National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) that allows limited harvest by U.S. fishermen.

In NH, Bluefin Tuna are a migratory species and show up off our shores from July-November. We have both recreational and commercial Tuna Fishermen in NH. As seen in the National Geographic series, Wicked Tuna (featuring two of our NH fishermen, F/V Pinwheel and F/V Kraken) Bluefin Tuna are graded upon landing for the fat content in their meat. High fat content fish get immediately shipped to Japan overnight for the next day sushi-fish auction in Tokyo. Fish with more muscle and less fat, are sold to the "domestic" market, here in the US. We are serving up a domestic quality fish, not that it couldn't be used for sushi, it could. But it would not meet the high standards of the Japanese market. And with COV19, there is very little demand for oversees tuna right now.


We will be purchasing our tuna fresh from one of our many NH independent tuna fishermen, landing at Yankee Fishermen's Coop in Seabrook. We will announce our fishermen and boat names on our Facebook page next week. If you haven't done so already, PLEASE "like" our Facebook page and invite your friends and family to do the same! 



Pan searing Bluefin Tuna is the best way to go

Bluefin tuna IS NOT THE TUNA YOU BUY IN THE GROCERY STORE! That is often times Yellowfin or Bigeye tuna, which tastes fabulous when you cook it fully.

Bluefin tuna flesh has the darkest flesh and highest fat content of any tuna. The flesh has the firmness and looks of beef steaks.

Bluefin Tuna is best in either ceviche, pan seared or barely cooked on the grill. IF YOU FULLY COOK BLUEFIN TUNA, it has a strong fishy taste and odor and tastes like beef from the sea!

Here are some great recipes from Pinterest that explain how to sear your tuna steaks.



All our Jonah Crabs will be sourced through Southern Maine Crabs, owned and operated by young female entrepeneur, Jillian Robillard. Jillian's father, Dennis Robillard, is a member of our Board. Jillian was recently named the Collegiate Winner for the Maine Greenlight competition for her innovative business idea, Greenbait, turning the invasive green crab into lobster bait. We love working with Jillian and she will be sourcing about 3000 crabs for us next week. I like to simply refer to her as "Superstar".

Jonah Crabs next week! Shellfish Share is 12 crabs, add ons/Flexible Fish orders are available in any quantity. You treat these just as you would a lobster, boil or steam them and eat the claws and the meat inside the body.

If you want a great tutorial, check out the video on our Facebook Page to see fourth generation Long Islander, (off Portland, Maine not NY), Rita "Peachie" Stevens walk you through it in our "How to pick a Jonah crab" video! It is very entertaining and informative.

Due to availability, Weekly add ons/Flexible Fish orders for Crabs are available for our Thursday, Friday and Saturday Pick ups only, excluding Manchester

All Members can order crabs here for next week.

The Superstar herself,  Jillian Robillard of Southern Maine Crabs


We have a growing Restaurant Supported Fishery (RSF), where Chefs and Retailers order fish through us, directly from our Fishermen. They are able to give customers local Catch of the Week Fish, the Captain and Boat name and the day the fish was landed! Check it out here on our website and visit one of our many Restaurants and Retailers that support serving locally sourced Fish!
To find our more about our thriving RSF program contact Enrica Jossi at enrica@nhcommunityseafood.com

We work with Three River Farmers Alliance to reach a wide variety of Restaurants, Retailers and Institutions for our RSF program.


Each week, we offer the opportunity for Members to order extra Catch of the Week  and/or extra Haddock. 

Get your Additional Haddock or Bluefin Tuna.

  • Weekly Members order here
  • Flexible Fish Members order here

Deadline to order is SUNDAY NIGHT at midnight!


If you haven't already done so, please send us a check for your balance of $50 or more to: NHCS, 1 Peirce Island Rd, Portsmouth, NH 03801. If you send a check, it saves us the 3% charge from Paypal! If you choose to pay online with a credit or debit card, do it here.

MEMBERSHIP QUESTIONS: Please email our Assistant Manager, Enrica at enrica@nhcommunityseafood.com with any questions.


Thank you for your support for our local and regional fisheries in a time of immense struggle for all our nation's fishermen. From our Crab brokers to our independent Tuna fishermen, your purchase supports our local fishing industry!
Enjoy the Holiday weekend and your Bluefin tuna and Jonah crabs next week! God Bless America and may we all respect and honor the liberties and justices for all. 
All the best,
Andrea Tomlinson
General Manager
Seafood Enthusiast


1 Peirce Island Rd-Portsmouth-NH-03801



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