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NHCS Newsletter: Week 7, Season 3

Posted 11/24/2014 7:07pm by Andrea Tomlinson.

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Ahoy CSF Members.  

This week we will have Monkfish Tail for CSF members.  

Monkfish is a unique, slightly scary looking, deep-water angular fish of which the tail meat is harvested and the hollow heads are sold for bait to other fisheries.



For those of you unfamiliar with monkfish, it is one of our more unique fish due to the texture of the tail meat and has been growing in popularity throughout the local food scene. It is often referred to as poor man's lobster and has a texture similar to that of a scallop. It is a meatier fish and therefore holds up a lot better when cooking on the stove top or the grill. Many people like to pair it with bacon when grilling or baking. My favorite way to cook it is to pan fry it in butter and then finish it in the oven. Enjoy it with some delicious sides or have it over a salad.  A good trick is to start it in a cast iron skillet on the stove top and then you can throw the skillet either directly in the oven or on top the grill and preserve all those flavorful juices.  

If you're feeling unsure of how to cook your monkfish, I would consider treating it like a scallop. There are also lots of suggestions online.  A lot of chefs who work with monkfish mention taking a knife and removing the thin film that can sometimes coat the tail meat which allows it to cook more evenly, however this is not a necessity. For some alternative recipe ideas, feel free to check out our recipe page. Or try making a delicious stew for the holidays like one of our RSF restaurants, Book & Bar of Portsmouth did earlier this Summer.  Share your recipes and ideas with us on our Facebook page.  

Many of you have emailed me with your vacation holds for Thanksgiving week.  I have replied to the requests I have received thus far.  If you are not planning on picking up your share this week and have yet to send us an email, please do so soon.  For those of you who will not be picking up this week, we will have a double share for you next week, the last week of the season.  
Just so we are all on the same page, the Thanksgiving week schedule will go as follows, with Thursday pick-ups happening on Wednesday:
Tuesday: Normal schedule for Rollinsford, Dracut, and Nashua
Wednesday: Laconia (Normal Time), Canterbury (3-6), Manchester (3-6), Concord (12:30-2:30), Exeter (3-6), Warner
Friday: Normal Schedule for Peterborough, Durham, Dover, and Portsmouth
Please feel free to send us an email if you have any additional questions.  
This week's monkfish comes from fishermen Tim Daggett and his fishing vessel, Jennifer K landed in Portland, Maine.  Many of you are unfamiliar with this fisherman, because we have not sourced from him in the past, which leads me to my next topic of conversation.  As many of you may have heard, the National Marine Fisheries Service has effectively closed the Gulf of Maine to fishing until May.  This means that the fish this week and the next will be from our few boats who fish far enough offshore to avoid the management measures, fisherman such as Tim Daggett. As such, these closures will impact what we are able to offer for the rest of the season as well as throughout the winter at markets.
Needless to say it's been a rough season for our fishermen, and they are not in the best of spirits.  We are hoping things will improve by next May, that stocks will have rebuilt and that our NH fishermen may be able to continue to fish once again. We will be sure to keep you posted along the way.  May your thoughts go out to our guys.  
For those of you who are interested in learning more about what's going on within our local industry, please check out this informative podcast hosted by UNH Professor and Fisheries Extension Specialist at NH Sea Grant, Erik Chapman, Seacoast Fisheries Roundtable.  Check back weekly for the latest post.  I highly recommend taking a listen if you have the time.  
That may be all I have for this week.  Please enjoy your second to last week of fish for this last season of the year.  It has been great having all of you join us thus far.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with friends and family.





Sarah VanHorn

Co-Founder/General Manager

(207) 899-6042


Josh Wiersma, Ph.D

Co-Founder/Executive Director

(603) 682-6115

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