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NHCS Newsletter, Week 6, last week of Session 1

Posted 6/23/2015 10:04am by Andrea Tomlinson.

NH Community Seafood 

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Hello CSF Members,

I apologize for the delayed newsletter, it was not until late last night that I knew what species we would be offering you this week! That's the dynamic nature of the fishing industry for you!

Here we are at Week 6, our last week of this Session! What a greatly diverse variety we have had for this this session! Our NH Day Boat Fleet has begun fishing as of June 1st. This Day Boat Fleet is very much in trouble in NH.

The Day Boat fishermen are essentially hit the hardest with the drastic reduction in cod quotas this year. Some of them, after fishing for just three weeks, have already reached their quota and are being forced to stop groundfishing for the year! Some have turned to lobstering, some to scalloping and some to alternative employment or no employment at all. It is a crucial time for us to support our NH Day Boat fleet, most of whom fish inshore for flounder. In support of them this week, we will once again be featuring the delicious and delightful the Yellowtail Flounder! The "Lamborghini" of the Flounder Family!

The Yellowtail flounder is found in the Atlantic Ocean from Newfoundland to the Chesapeake Bay. The species got its name from the yellow tint on the tail and fins that encompass the top and bottom of the flattened out, eyes on top anatomy of this species. Like all flounders, the yellowtail spends most of its time on the bottom of the ocean, particularly in sandy bottoms and is basically sedentary unless disturbed or hungry.

The flesh of this bottom dweller is lean and firm with a distinctly sweet taste often used as the standard when comparing the flavor of other flounder species. You may have noticed the difference in flavor when comparing the yellowtail and the American Plaice, aka "dabs" this session.

Our Fishermen providing us with this delicacy this week are once again, veteran NH Fisherman, Dave Goethel, of the F/V Ellen Diane and returning after a four year hiatus, fisherman Steve Wojohowski of the F/V Kristen Marie.  Thanks guys for braving the June weather to land us these wonderful and tasty fish!

                                                            Dave Goethel                                                      

Cooking your Yellowtail Flounder:

Remember, flounder are a delicate fish. Don't overcook them for they will become rubbery and fall apart. And remember the Cardinal rule for cooking fish: 10 minutes and inch, this includes cooking both sides of the fillet. We now have our own page on the site called Pinterest, here are some recipe ideas for you: https://www.pinterest.com/nhcsf/flounder/ 

Crispy Flounder and Roasted Tomatoes | MyRecipes.com




I continue to receive a number of inquires on these topics. YES, THIS IS NEW THIS YEAR and it allows you as a member the flexibility to set your week for both your hold and the week you wish to double up. You must do the HOLD the SATURDAY BEFORE the week you wish to hold and double up. We cannot accommodate HOLDS the same week, the night before or the same day of your pick up.


  • Go to MEMBER LOG IN and sign in
  • When you see the "Welcome to New Hampshire Community Seafood message, choose  in the shaded gray box, "Schedule a new vacation hold or temporary pick up location change", click on Schedule. 
  • Choose WEEK TO HOLD
  • Choose WEEK TO DOUBLE, it is not automatically the following week

And that's it, simple as that. A lot of you are getting to the vacation hold week and not choosing the week to double. Instructions for how to HOLD are also included in your weekly PICK UP REMINDER for easy reference.

HOLDS DO NOT CARRY OVER TO THE NEXT SESSION, which I am afraid many of you were not aware of or maybe you forgot this is our last week of Session 1. Lots of you held your share this week and requested a double for next week, when we have no Session. If this happened, worry not,  I will compensate you for your "lost double" for next week in Session 2. Please expect a double for the first week of Session 2 if you made this mistake.

If you forget to do a HOLD the SATURDAY before the week you wish to HOLD and cannot get there to pick it up, may I suggest asking a friend or family to pick it up for you. We don't ask for id, no carding of anyone, so as long as you check off the member's name on the list, all is fine! Our fish is fresh off the boat and depending on the species, will stay fresh in the refrigerator for up to 5 days.


Some of you have asked me if it's okay to freeze your share if you cannot use it within a few days of picking it up. Depending on the species, as previously mentioned, fresh fish will stay fresh and edible up to five days in the refrigerator. MOST of the fish you buy in the supermarket and even at your local fish market has been previously frozen. It will not ruin the fish to freeze it and then thaw it out later to cook. You will lose a tiny bit of the fresh flavor and firmness of the fillet by freezing, but often times this is not noticeable. 


LABELING BAGS: Starting Session 2, each week, I will have a bag labelling party at a venue TBA. We need over 550 bags each week to be labelled, so please come join in the fun. I would like to THANK VOLUNTEERS FROM PORTSMOUTH PICK UP for their expert bag labeling efforts for Session 1. Thanks to Cathy Wolf, Dennis Souto, Paula Sonnino and her sister, Laura Spelke and Chef Rhonda Milliken from our Brookford Farm Pick Up!

HANGING FLYERS IN YOUR COMMUNITY:  I will have some new postcards at your pick up location to take and hang up around your community.This is the right time, as we are trying to recruit new members for Session 2!

SOCIAL MEDIA: With help from our new consultant, Sara Zoe Patterson of Seacoast Eat Local, we are active on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and now Pinterest. It's not easy being this hip. So you can retweet, like, share, post photos, anything you like, just help us get the work out!

Our Restaurant Supported Fishery (RSF) is going strong. Talented chefs from all over NH are finding out about us and serving  our fish all over New Hampshire. Just within the past week, we have added:

  • The Hancock Inn, Hancock, NH
  • Vida Cantina, 2456 Lafayette Rd, Portsmouth NH

And don't forget to eat at these other participating in our RSF Program:

  • The Black Trumpet, Ceres St., Portsmouth, NH
  • Moxy, Penhallow St., Portsmouth,
  • Hayseed Restaurant, Smuttynose Brewing Co., Hampton, NH
  • The Local Eatery, Veterans Square, Laconia, NH

If you're dining out this weekend, please consider patronizing one of  these conscious and forward thinking establishments and tell them Andrea sent you!! 

As always, thank you for all your kind words, support, recipe ideas and continued dedication for our NH Fishing Community. It means a lot to them.


Enjoy the Fourth of July weekend and see you back at your pick up location the following week!













Andrea Tomlinson

Manager, New Hampshire Community Seafood

(603) 767-7209

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