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NHCS Newsletter: Week 4, Season 2

Posted 8/29/2013 10:30am by Andrea Tomlinson.

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Members this week received monkfish and cod for the groundfish share and dayboat dogfish for our underdog share.  This week was also a lobster week for those who signed up.  Why not take advantage of living on the seacoast and eat lobster every week?  Most of our whole fish members received whole kink whiting this week, and believe they will continue to do so.  

Also this week, we will continue to have lobster ravioli from Portsmouth Lobster Company.  Lobsterman Damon Frampton was kind enough to deliver another batch.  Also, I have made 8 packs of notecards with pictures I had taken on our NH commercial fishermen's boats last summer.  Those will be available for purchase at pick-ups while supplies last, $12 a pack.  I am also in the process of ordering T-shirts, FINALLY!  Who knew it could be such an involved process: color choices, logo placement, size destribution, the quality of the cotton.  Yikes.  Decisions, decisions.  Hope to have those available for purchase at pick-ups soon.  It's about time.  

I know it's hard to believe but we are already half way through our second season.  4 weeks down, and 4 more to go.  If you have any friends who are looking to join our CSF, this week is their last week to do so.  Sunday will be the last day to register, until the start of Season 3 at the end of September.  A lot of you have been asking, will there be fresh fish in the winter?  The answer, yes, we will be operating through the winter as long as our fishermen are catching enough fish to supply the CSF.  So if you're looking to eat the fresh stuff all year round, have no fear; we will work something out.  

With the close of registration for season 2 we begin looking ahead to season 3.  Because the farmers' market season will be coming to an end, we will have to consider redesigning our schedule quite a bit, we plan on continually delivering to the Manchester, Salem, Peterborough and Seacoast area in one form or another, so don't worry.  The only thing is the day and time frame may shift slightly.  We hope it doesn't through anyone off so much that they aren't able to participate, in which case we may be able to work something out.  

That being said, we want your input, and therefore we are currently working on developing a brief survey via an onlone program called Survey Monkey to help us organize our thoughts for the upcoming season.  I hope to send that out in the next week or so, and would really appreciate everyone taking the time to sit down and fill it out.  It shouldn't take more than 10 minutes of your time.  That way we can redesign certain aspects of our next season, with you, the consumer in mind.  

I'm currently in the process of writing a new fishue for my blog, Fishues: NH Seacoast's Fish Issues.  I have long been putting off continuing work on my blog and am hoping to get back on it.  Feel free to subscribe to it, if you would like to get notifications when new articles are published.  I hope to have an article about Hampton Fishermen, Peter Lagertstrom by the end of the weekend.  I'll be sure to share it once I have.  

 Don't let him fool you.  He is not as serious as he looks...

In attempt to keep this newsletter short this week, I am going to end here with a quick plug for FISHTIVAL!  September 14th, 12-4 will be the NH Fish & Lobster Festival at Prescott Park in Portsmouth.  If you get the chance, I highly recommend you be there. There will be cook-offs, demonstrations, speakers, seafood, giveaways and more.  And you better believe New Hampshire Community Seafood will be there too!  I'll be sure to send out more information about that next week.  

As always, thanks for reading, and enjoy that wicked fresh fish.  





Sarah E. VanHorn


(207) 899-6042

Josh Wiersma, Ph.D

Co-Founder/Executive Director

(603) 682-6115

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