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NHCS Newsletter: Week 4, Season 1

Posted 6/30/2014 5:21pm by Andrea Tomlinson.

NH Community Seafood 

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Hard to believe, but we are almost halfway through our first CSF season of the year.  Crazy!

This week we will have Monkfish Tail caught by one of the few fisherman I have not had the chance to fish with yet, Charles "Puggy" Felch aboard F/V Lady Victoria out of Seabrook Harbor. Therefore I am afraid I have no pictures of him or his boat this week to share.  My apologies.  Perhaps I will get the opportunity to get out on the water again soon.

Monkfish is a unique, slightly scary looking, deep-water angular fish of which the tail meat is harvested and the hollow heads are sold for bait to other fisheries.  For those of you unfamiliar with monkfish, it is one of our more unique fish due to the texture of the meat and has been growing in popularity throughout the local food scene.  It is often referred to as poor man's lobster and has the texture of a scallop.  It is a meatier fish and therefore holds up a lot better when cooking on the stove top or the grill.  Many people like to pair it with bacon and it is most commonly wrapped with it and grilled or baked.  My favorite way to cook it is to pan fry it in butter and then finish it in the oven.  Enjoy it with some delicious sides or have it over a salad.  If you're unsure of how to cook it, I would consider treating it like a scallop.  There are also lots of suggestions online.  Also, a lot of chefs who work with monkfish mention taking a knife and removing the thin film that can sometimes coat the tail meat which allows it to cook more evenly, however this is not a necessity.   

For some alternative recipe ideas, feel free to check out our recipe page.  I recall enjoying a delicious fried Monkfish bruschetta at the peak of Summer last year.  And don't forget to share your recipes and ideas with others.  We'd love to hear how you prepared your monkfish on our Facebook page.  Don't be afraid to get creative, after all preparation is half the fun.


Notes for this week:  Scheduling this will be a little different for some of our Friday CSF friends due to the holiday.  Peterborough CSF members will be picking up as per usual on Friday at Laurel Street.  If you are unable to make it, please let me know and I will place a hold on your account for this week.  Durham and Dover people will be picking up on Monday, July 7th for week 4 of fish rather than Friday at the same locations and times.  There will also be another pick-up that following Friday for Durham and Dover members week 5 pick-up, putting us right back on schedule.  

Just to reiterate for those who may be new to the program.  If you are unable to make it to pick-up one week, please give me several days notice via email and we can work out other arrangements.  We understand that life does happen and things come up, but it is easiest for us to accommodate you with appropriate notice, otherwise we can't promise that we can get you your week's share, but we will do our best to try.  That being said, any questions, or changes in pick-up days, locations, or amounts, please contact me via email.  That is the best way to guarantee we make the proper adjustments to your account.  I do not always get my phone messages in time, and verbal notes via our volunteers don't always make it back to headquarters either.  When in doubt, send me an email.  I'm more than happy to help you out.

If there are any last minute payments that need to be made, please contact me about paying those.  Mailing a check often works best.  Please send me an email if you are unsure if you have paid for this season as of yet.  We will figure it out.  

To our Portsmouth Members! There is a chance that we may be moving locations on Wednesdays in the next few weeks, but we will be sure to share information with you about that as it becomes available.  It appears combined with Heron Pond Farm's Portsmouth CSA, we have begun to outgrow our pick-up location and have been causing a bit of a headache for some of the surrounding families within the neighborhood.  That being said, we are looking for a new Wednesday Portsmouth host for both our CSF and the farm's CSA.  If you have any suggestions at all, we would love to hear them.  Our only real requirements are that we have some sort of shelter, and easy access for our members to get to us.  Until the move, please be extra respectful of the Portsmouth neighborhood, and park courteously.  Thank you for your support in making this happen.

In other news, SAVE THE DATE!  We're excited to announce our first-ever CSF stockholder party on Sunday, August 31st at Four Tree Island Park on Pierce Island in Portsmouth.  We will have more information regarding this lovely overdue gathering within the next week or so, but you can expect their will be lots of fish and great company, as well as possibly some live music, cook-offs, and fishy games for the whole family.  This event will be free admission for our CSF stockholder members and then we will have a limited supply of tickets available for CSF members.  We hope you can make it!  Also, we will be looking for a handful of volunteers to help organize this event, as well as volunteers for the day of.  Send em an email if this sounds like something you would be interested in doing.  


Many of you have begun to ask about the next season.  We are thrilled to hear that people are enjoying the fish so much so that they are anxious to enroll for the remaining 2 seasons.  Have no fear, we will alert you as to when it is that time.  We will be opening registration for Season 2 on Saturday, July 12th.  At that time you can either enroll on our website as you have before, or even easier, send me an email, or let me know in person that you would like to continue into the next season and I can arrange it for you.  We anticipate that much of the schedule will stay the same, but we are open to making improvements and adding new volunteer-based locations.  Also, we are really hoping to expand our member base in areas such as Concord, Nashua, and Canterbury.  We'd appreciate any help you can offer in doing so.  Connections are key!

In closing our 4th newsletter of the season, I would like to announce the start of our Restaurant Supported Fishery!  Local NH restaurants can now join in on the fun and flaunt the fresh and local seafood at their establishments.  Each week participating restaurants receive deliveries of the same delicious fish our members are enjoying.  We look forward to hearing all the different ways they prepare them, and hope to feature their different ideas in future newsletters.  Meanwhile, feel free to visit any of the participating restaurants and support them in supporting our local NH fisheries.  We are proud to have them as part of our cooperative!  A warm welcome goes out to Blue Mermaid, Black Trumpet, Bridge Street Bistrot, Book and Bar, Local Eatery, Joinery Restaurant, and 7th Settlement.  We hope to continue to watch this list grow.  Cheers!


I think that may be all for now.  

Hope everyone enjoys their holiday week!  

And don't forget to bring your coolers to your CSF pick-up.  It's going to be one scorcher of a week...

Stay Cool.






Sarah E. VanHorn

Co-Founder/General Manager

(207) 899-6042


Josh Wiersma, Ph.D

Co-Founder/Executive Director

(603) 682-6115

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