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Posted 4/22/2019 3:50pm by Andrea Tomlinson.

Eat Fresher Fish.  Support Our Local Fishing Industry.


Welcome to our second week of our Community Supported Fishery (CSF)!  The Catch of the Week is Flounder and it is our first week of the Biweekly Shellfish Share, featuring local Scallops! 

You can also order Shellfish "alla carte", on Shellfish weeks, as "Add-ons". Add on orders are due by Sunday night, you will receive an email by the Friday before the Shellfish week's, announcing the biweekly Shellfish choice.

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We have two new employees this year, new Assistant Manager and UNH graduate, Enrica Jossi has joined our team, replacing Kendall Young. Kendall has decided to pursue a Master's Degree. If you have any Membership questions, email Enrica at enrica@nhcommunityseafood.com.

Ben Cox is our new Delivery Driver, Ben also works as JP's Shellfish in Eliot. We are glad to have both he and Enrica onboard for our 2109 Season!




Our Flounder Catch is a mixture of Winter Flounder, aka "Blackbacks" and American Plaice, aka "Dabs".

The Winter flounder or "Blackbacks", got their name because of their migrations-in winter. Adults migrate from offshore areas where they feed to inshore areas like bays and estuaries, where they spawn. This is also a right eyed flounder. Winter flounder has a sweet taste and firm texture and is often the standard to which other flounder species are compared. Winter flounder absorbs seasoning and marinades readily and cooks up great on the grill. 

The American Plaice or "Dabs" are a cold water species that range from southern Labrador to Rhode Island and in the eastern Atlantic from Greenland to northern Europe. Dabs live on the sandy/mud bottom and prefer deep water. Some can be found as deep as 700m (about 2100ft). They are reddish to gray-brown on top and have a blueish white underside. They have a distinctly pointy nose and rough scales. Plaice is a white, lean flaky fish with a mild flavor. This is a right eyed species.



Our Fishermen this week are a collective group, who land their catch at Yankee Fishernan's Coop in Seabrook. Captain Puggy Felch, from the F/V Lady Victoria, Captain Neal Pike, from the F/V Sandi Lynn and David Goethel, F/V Ellen Diane.

F/V Lady Victoria, out of Seabrook
The ever faithful F/V Ellen Diane, Hampton Harbor
Captian Neal Pike, F/V Sandi Lynn, out of Seabrook



Cooking with Flounder is a delicate process. We like to remind all our members of the Cardinal rule for cooking any fish: Cook fish 10 minutes per inch of thickness. These fillets will be very thin, so just a few minutes each side will do!

Here are some great flounder recipes from our Pinterest Page here and a link to our blog with recipe ideas and videos here.

Skillet Cajun Spiced Flounder with Tomatoes  




If you have a Fish Share, you can get Shellfish two ways: 
  • Sign up for our Biweekly Shellfish Share: Every other week, one of the following: Scallops, Lobsters, Oysters or Crabs 
  • Hold any week you don't like and double up on a week you like
  • Or order Shellfish "alla carte", as an Add on the weeks we have Shellfish

Add on orders are due by Sundays. Orders for Scallops this week are now closed. 



We offer a flexible "hold system" for weeks you will be away or do not care for the Catch of the Week selection. You can Hold and Double your share for a week here. Instructions are provided. Email us if you need assistance!

You can also do a Temporary Pick up location change at the same site. Just select this from the drop down menu and choose your Pick up location change for the week. We have 22 Pickups to choose from here


Each week, we offer the opportunity for Members to order extra Catch of the Week fish and/or extra Haddock. Get your Additional Haddock here, please order by tonight at 12pm!

Orders are available in 1lb bags and discounted on orders over 2 lbs!


If you haven't already done so, please send us a check for your balance to: NHCS, 1 Peirce Island Rd, Portsmouth, NH 03801. If you send a check, it saves us the 3% charge from Paypal! If you choose to pay online with a credit or debit card, do it here.


Thank you for supporting our Community Supported Fishery, directly benefiting our local Fishermen. We offer an incentive on every pound of seafood we buy, helping to keep our local fisheries afloat!

We also have rolling enrollment, all year long, so tell anyone you know interested in the program, they can sign up anytime! 

Enjoy your Flounder and Scallops!


All the best,

Andrea Tomlinson
General Manager
Seafood Enthusiast


1 Peirce Island Rd-Portsmouth-NH-03801




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