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NHCS Newsletter, Week 14, Fall Session, White Hake

Posted 11/22/2016 9:15am by Andrea Tomlinson.

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Happy Thanksgiving Week and Welcome to Week 14 of our Fall Session for our Community Supported Fishery (CSF). Next week is our final week for this Session and then we start our Holiday Seafood Medley Session in December. Four weeks of seasonal, NH seafood for your enjoyment around the Holidays! Sign up here to enjoy a wide array of local seafood including oysters, scallops, lobsters and Sea raised Steelhead Trout (a Salmon species)!

Some important reminders for this week: ALL THURSDAY AND FRIDAY CSF Pick Ups (except Peterborough) have been moved to WEDNESDAY, same time and place. If you cannot make your Wednesday pick up, please click here to hold for this week and double up next week. Please do this by 12pm midnight tonight.

Oyster Add ons are of limited quantity this week and there  are no more available. Enjoy your oysters for Thanksgiving if you were lucky enough to get these delicious seasonal treats!

Later this week look for an email for sign ups for next week's new and exciting Add-on, All Natural Sea Raised Salmon species, Steelhead Trout, raised by UNH Aquaculture/Sea Grant Department off Newcastle, NH! This is the same Salmon species of Steelhead we will offer in our Holiday Medley in December!

This week's Catch of the Week is White Hake, Urophycis tenuis, a first for this Fall Session!

Distinguished by the white barbels on the chin and white spots, White Hake are found from the Gulf of St. Lawrence to Cape Hatteras, NC and occasionally some schools will stray into deep waters off the coast of Florida. White hake migrate from cooler, deeper waters in the winter to warmer, shallower waters in the spring and summer. Some juveniles can be found in estuaries in the summer. Adult hake can live up to 20 years old and female white hake are among the most fertile of all groundfish (the fish that live on the bottom or "ground" of the ocean), producing up to several million eggs in one spawn!


Despite it's name, the hake is not all white, it is a mud-colored (hence the nickname, "Mud Hake"), white spotted fish on the sides, bronze-gold colored on top and white on the underbelly. Hake have a rather large mouth, the cardinal barbel and very long pectoral (the ones on the sides) fins that have ray- like projections spanning off the body.


White hake are delicious because they primarily eat small crustaceans like lobsters and crabs and shrimp! What a bonus for us! Their flesh has a thick, white meaty consistency and cooks up nicely. Here is a link to some great recipes on Pinterest,https://www.pinterest.com/explore/hake-recipes/



Hake with Crisp Sweet Garlic and Olive Oil (Courtesy of Pinterest)


Our Fisherman this week  is NH Sector fisherman, Fanel Dobre, owner of  the F/V Angela Michelle.  


F/V Angela Michelle tied up at the Portland, Me docks

Additional Fish Orders:
Want some extra fish for this Holiday week? Supplement the turkey with fish or for your guests who don't eat meat, just fish, this is the ticket!
If you love hake or just need some extra fish this week, we offer our Additional Fish Orders to be made until12pm midnight tonight. Additional fish will come in 1lb packages with your fish shares this week.
This will be an abridged version of the newsletter due to the Holiday. Don't forget to HOLD if you need to for this week and DOUBLE UP next week, our final week of this Fall Session.
Have a fantastic Thanksgiving and we at NH Community Seafood and our Fishermen, give thanks for you, our dedicated and supportive customers!  Thank you for all you do! Be well.
In Peace,





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