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Posted 8/2/2020 2:19pm by Andrea Tomlinson.

Eat Fresher Fish.  Support Our Local Fishing Industry.

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Sorry for the delayed newsletter, here is the info for our Catch of the Week and Shellfish share for next week!

Welcome to Week 12 of our Community Supported Fishery (CSF), starting this Monday.  Our Catch of the Week will be a treat, Grey Sole from three veteran NH Fishermen. Grey sole is considered a delicacy fish throughout the World!

Scallops from our Guestboats in New Bedford are on the menu for our Shellfish Share.

Important things to know:

  • Your purchase of seafood from NHCS helps support our NH and regional fishermen, scallopers, lobstermen and oyster farmers!
  • Additional Grey Sole and scrod Haddock are available for both Weekly Members and Flexible Fish Members, see Additional Fish section for links
  • Our Spring Session is 16 weeks long. Our Fall Session starts September 14. We always take a week off between Spring/Summer and Fall Session.
  • If you are a 16 week member and would like to continue for the Fall Session, update to our Annual Membership here, it takes 30 seconds and it's at a discounted price


Grey sole are flounder species and translucent looking on top (Courtesy of Wikiwand)

Grey sole, otherwise known as Witch Flounder live on both sides of the North Atlantic Ocean on muddy sea beds in deep, cold water. In northern Europe and other parts of the World, they are considered a delicacy. Grey sole range from Labrador to North Carolina and are in the Flounder family. 

New England has a restricted fishing season for Grey Sole, to protect the managed stock and allow for breeding season, during the summer. Grey sole are delicate and eat sea cucumbers, small crustaceans, and small mollusks.


Our Fishermen this upcoming week will be from three NH veteran fishermen. Two from Rye Harbor, Mike Anderson, F/V Rimrack and Peter Phillips, F/V Madrigan and one from Portsmouth, Jeremy Davis, of the F/V Karen Lynn.


Jeremy Davis, Captain of F/V Karen Lynn, Portsmouth

 Captaqin Peter Phillips, on the F/V Madrigan, in Rye Harbor, NH 

The F/V Rimrack, out of Rye, NH



Sole, lightly sauteed in oil (Photo courtesy of NOAA)

Grey sole is a thin, delicate fish that only needs a few minutes cooking for each fillet. Remember the Cardinal Cooking Rule for fish: Cook fish 10 minutes per inch of fillet thickness! And these fillets are very thin.  If you use this method, you can never go wrong with any of our fish!

Grey sole is low in fat and calories, making them a great choice for your health. Their flavor is mild and sweet, with  small flaky fillets. You can grill,  bake, broil, deep fry, or sauté grey sole. Due to its mild flavor, it is very versatile in terms of cooking.

A common way to prepare grey sole is with crab meat stuffing and rolingl them into pinwheels and baking. Here are some great recipes for cooking Grey sole, on Pinterest.


Scallops next week. Order by tonight at midnight. 
Scallops come in 1lb and discounted 5lb bags, from our guestboats in New Bedford, Mass.


We have a growing Restaurant Supported Fishery (RSF), where Chefs and Retailers order fish through us, directly from our Fishermen. They are able to give customers local Catch of the Week Fish, the Captain and Boat name and the day the fish was landed! Check it out here on our website and visit one of our many Restaurants and Retailers that support serving locally sourced Fish!
To find our more about our thriving RSF program contact Enrica Jossi at enrica@nhcommunityseafood.com

We work with Three River Farmers Alliance to reach a wide variety of Restaurants, Retailers and Institutions for our RSF program.


Catch of the week, Grey Sole and additional Haddock are available next weeek.

  • Weekly Members order here
  • Flexible Fish Members order here

Deadline to order is SUNDAY NIGHT at midnight!


If you haven't already done so, please send us a check for your balance (if over $50) to: NHCS, 1 Peirce Island Rd, Portsmouth, NH 03801. If you send a check, it saves us the 3% charge from Paypal! If you choose to pay online with a credit or debit card, do it here.

MEMBERSHIP QUESTIONS: Please email our Assistant Manager, Enrica at enrica@nhcommunityseafood.com with any questions

Thank you for your continued support for our local fishing industry.Grey sole is such a treat and along with scallops, what could be better for a mid summer night meal? Enjoy!!

General Manager
Seafood Enthusiast


1 Peirce Island Rd-Portsmouth-NH-03801



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