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NHCS Newsletter: Spring/Summer Session, WEEK 7 MONKFISH

Posted 6/12/2017 4:13pm by Andrea Tomlinson.

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Dear  %%user-name%%,

Welcome to Week 7 of NH's only Community Supported Fishery! We have one more week of Shellfish coming up next week, which will once again be Oysters!

Are you confused about how pricing and HOLDS work for oysters? So are we! This is the first attempt for us to incorporate Shellfish into your shares and it has created a lot of admin work for us,  thrown off a lot of our veteran Member and confused our new Members.

Here are some answers to some FAQs about the Oysters:

  • Everyone who buys a fish share with us (2lb, 1lb or 1/2lb), regardless of fish share size gets ONE DOZEN oysters, and pays the same $16/dozen.


  • IF you do not want oysters, we will credit you $16!  YOU CANNOT DOUBLE UP ON YOUR FISH SHARE DUE TO THE PRICE DIFFERENCES!
  • When you hold for oysters, you receive a CREDIT on your account of $16 to use for any future purchase with us. You can essentially use this credit to buy Additional Fish here. 




  • IF YOU HOLD FOR OYSTER WEEKS, DOUBLE FOR OYSTER WEEKS, otherwise you will receive a credit. Ex: You hold Week 6 or 8, you can DOUBLE Week 6 or 8 only.


  • If you have doubled up a fish week for a HOLD on oyster week, we have also credited you and our Fishermen will lose out.


  • Please let us know if you accidentally doubled, we have to change it on our end!

Our fish this week is the local and delicious Monkfish! This is our thickest fillet and one of the only that is not a white fish, it is purplish gray in color.

Monkfish was  once caught as by-catch in otter trawls and gillnets, have quickly become one of the world's most popular fish. In the west, usually just the tail meat is eaten, but  there is a large market for whole monkfish in Asian countries. Also known as "Poor Man's Lobster", monkfish tail meat has both the consistency and distinct taste of this famous crustacean. If you like lobster, you'll love monkfish! And if you don't like lobster, the firm, white fillet when cooked also tastes like a sweetened fish. The flesh is distinct and a purplish-brownish color when raw and turns white once cooked. 

Colin Barnard, crew on the F/V Marion J with a Monkfish 

Not at all attractive on the outside, Monkfish should not be judged by their outward appearance! They are a brownish color mottled with white spots on top and white on the underbelly. Their habitat spans from the Grand Banks and northern Gulf of St. Lawrence along the Atlantic shoreline south to Cape Hatteras, NC. Monkfish are voracious predators. They lurk on the sandy, muddy bottom and lure their prey with the spiny extension on their head. This "lure" attracts the prey, like bait on a fishing line, bringing the victim close in for the lunge of the monkfish. The unusually broad mouth, adapted to swallow whole fish, shrimp and squid, is lined with layers of stubby white teeth.

Cook Monkfish as you would any other fish, and remember the cardinal rule, 10 minutes an inch! The monkfish tails are wide and thick, because they are the tail meat. Marinating the tails and seasoning before cooking adds to the flavor. Baked, sauteed, broiled, roasted or grilled, these tails are fantastic!

Here are some great recipe ideas for monkfish: https://www.pinterest.com/fishisthedish/monkfish-recipes/.

Baked Monkfish Roman Style (Courtesy of cookingfrombooks.com)
Our catch this comes from our loyal Fisherman and his crew, Jamie Hayward of the F/V Heidi & Elisabeth, landed in Portsmouth, NH. Thanks to Jamie and his their crew for this week's effort!
Jamie Hayward of the F/V Heidi & Elisabeth


I would also like thank the hard working crew who cut our fish each week  at our processor, Tri-State Seafoods, in Sommersworth, NH. It takes a group of dedicated people to make this happen each week and our fish fillet crew at Tri-State are an integral part of our weekly operations!
A processor at Tri-State Seafoods our local processor in Sommersworth, NH
Order Additional Monkfish this Week here, and use your credit from HOLDING OYSTERS, up to Week 6. 
Click here to do a HOLD this week or next week for Oysters.
Simply select this week, starting on Tues, June 13, if you wish to "hold" your share by Monday 9pm. Then select the week you wish to "double up" your share to make up for your hold.
To hold for next week's Oysters, choose week starting Tues, June 20!

Remember, DOUBLES are only permitted on Week 8 for holding on Week 6, Oysters for Oysters.


Thank you for your support for locally sourced, locally landed NH fish and the people who catch it, transport it, cut it and gut it!

Enjoy the delicious Poor Man's Lobster, the Monkfish!


Andrea Tomlinson

General Manager




Mailing Address: 1 Peirce Island Rd, Portsmouth, NH 03801





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