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NHCS Newsletter: Spring/Summer Session, WEEK 4, Atlantic Pollock

Posted 5/22/2017 5:09pm by Andrea Tomlinson.

NH Community Seafood-Community Supported Fishery (CSF)

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Dear %%user-name%%,

We are already in Week 4 of our Community Supported Fishery! And starting June 1, all our Dayboats can return to sea and start fishing directly off our NH Shores. Hope you enjoyed your delicious lobsters last week!

Please note, regardless of your fish share size, in our first ever CSF share with shellfish incorporated into the actual shares, all shellfish shares are priced the same, whether you have a 2lb, 1lb or 1/2 lb share of fish!

Our New England favorite this week is the Atlantic Pollock. Here is a box of freshly caught 

Pollock at Yankee Fisherman's Coop in Seabrook last year, where the majority of our NH Dayboat Fishermen land their weekly catch!

Atlantic Pollock is quickly becoming the new signature New England fish, tasting much like cod and haddock and very abundant. Check out the article which appeared on our Facebook page:http://www.concordmonitor.com/Misunderstood-pollock-a-key-to-New-England-seafood-s-future-2011708.

Atlantic Pollock is related to cod and haddock and sometimes referred to as "Green cod".  Atlantic Pollock are found in the Northwest Atlantic Ocean and are most common on the western Scotian Shelf and in the Gulf of Maine. A different species of Atlantic Pollock, commonly known as saithe, is found in the Eastern Atlantic.

Atlantic Pollock differs from cod in that they have a greenish hue and slightly darker flesh. Not to be confused with the Alaskan Pollock, found in the Pacific Ocean and one of the most harvested fish in the world. Alaskan pollock is often times found in frozen fish sticks and fish fillets and a main ingredient in seafood salad and many processed seafood products. Our

Pollock has a white, firm flesh with a sweet and delicate flavor. It is low in saturated fat and a great source of B 12 vitamins! 

Pollock is great in fish chowder, broiled, baked for grilled. It is also fabulous for fish tacos and works well with any blackened recipe. Substitute it in any recipe that calls for cod or haddock. Here is are some great recipe ideas on our Pinterest Page:https://www.pinterest.com/nhcsf/pollock. This is what Chefs at Moxy, a dedicated member of our RSF program in Portsmouth, do with a batch of Pollock from us:






p o l l o c k • à • l a • m o x y
nh mushroom,whipped beet ,arugula-cherry tomato salad

(Courtesy of Moxy)

Our Fisherman this week owner Fanel Dobre of the F/V Anne Marie. Thanks to Fanel and his crew for the delicious Pollock and Hake for our Restaurants!




Oyster Weeks are coming up, next week (Week 5) and Week 8! IF you want to HOLD:

How to do a HOLD for VACATION OR HOLDING ON SHELLFISH WEEKS:   WEEK 5 and 8 (two oyster weeks) are our remaining Shellfish Weeks. IF YOU HOLD ON WEEK 5 AND WANT TO DOUBLE UP ON WEEK 8, that is fine. If you hold because you don't want  Shellfish at all, we will credit you!

If it is any other week within the 8 or 15 week session, we have a simple and user friendly "hold system" just go to http://www.nhcommunityseafood.com/members/scheduleactions and choose the week you will be away and "hold" that week and choose another week within your session to "double up" your fish share. 


We offer this feature for you to conveniently change your Pick up location, if need be, for any number of weeks within your session. We now have 24 Pick Up Locations to choose from. Simply click here: and change your pick up location to accommodate your schedule!

Enjoy the Pollock and thanks for your support! 

And remember, we are asking Members to Find Members, to help us reach our 1000 Member goal! So if you haven't already, please tell a friend, neighbor, family member, coworker or anyone you care for about us, please!

We truly are making a difference by buying locally sourced NH fresh fish!

Many thanks,

Andrea Tomlinson

General Manager/Seafood Enthusiast



Mailing Address: 1 Peirce Island Rd, Portsmouth, NH 03801





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