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NHCS Newsletter: Spring/Summer Session, WEEK 3 FLOUNDER

Posted 4/30/2018 3:32pm by Andrea Tomlinson.

Eat Fresher Fish.  Support Our Local Fishing Industry.



Dear %%user-name%%,



WELCOME to our Community Supported Fishery (CSF), Week 3 of our Spring/Summer Session. The Catch of the Week is delicious Flounder! We welcome back all our Returning Members and a warm welcome to all our New Members! We hope you are enjoying your fresh and local fish so far!  We accept New Members on a revolving basis, they can sign up prorated at any time! So, if you like the program, please help us spread the word to your friends, family and coworkers!


You are signed up for our Spring/Summer Session. Membership options within this Session are: 8 week, 16 week or Annual. You will have the opportunity, later in the Session, to Extend your session to a longer one if you like. If you have signed up at a prorated price and are recieving this newletter, you are picking up fish this week.

Each week, you will receive your Newsletter on Monday, telling you of the Catch of the Week, the Boat name and the Fishermen who caught your fish, and some fun facts about the fish itself and a link to recipe ideas on our Pinterest Page.

You will also receive a weekly Pick up Reminder, the night before your Pick up, with all your relevant Pick up information to remind you!


You can "hold" your share any week withing the Session that you will not be available to pick up OR any week you do not care for the Catch of the Week. Please use our Member Loin to do your holds here

Please note, when you pick up a "double" share, you will be getting a double of your share size. For example: 1lb share size picks up 2-1 lb bags, 1/2lb share size gets 2-1/2lb bags. It's really important we get that one right, so everyone gets the correct shares each week!

You can also choose to do a Temporary Pick up Location change, any week you would like to pick up your share at any of our other 23 Pick up Locations. You can do that here, simply choose "Change Pick up Location" from the drop down menu, under the box marked Action.


Need some extra fish for your dinner party or family get together? We've got it!

New this Year! We plan to have Weekly Haddock available, by the 1lb, as well as Additional Fish for the Catch of the Week! 

Order your Additional Flounder or Weekly Haddock for this week here!

Discounts on 3lbs and over!



If you haven't already done so, please send us a check for your balance to: NHCS, 1 Peirce Island Rd, Portsmouth, NH 03801. If you send a check, it saves us the 3% charge from Paypal! If you choose to pay online with a credit or debit card, do it here.


Share Types come in 3 sizes:

FISH ONLY                                                     FISH AND LOBSTER

2lb -1lb-1/2lb                                                   2lb/4 lobsters-1lb/2 lobsters-1/2lb/1 lobster                                                                                                

Lobsters will be served 2 out of every 8 weeks. Current dates for Lobster weeks are as follows: Week 7
Week 8
Week 12 
Week 14


Your Catch of the Week is Flounder. We sourced both Winter Flounder, otherwise called "Blackbacks" and American Plaice, affectionately known as "Dabs" from our local Fishermen this week.

The American Plaice or "Dabs" are a cold water species that range from southern Labrador to Rhode Island and in the eastern Atlantic from Greenland to northern Europe. Dabs live on the sandy/mud bottom and prefer deep water. Some can be found as deep as 700m (about 2100ft). They are reddish to gray-brown on top and have a blueish white underside. They have a distinctly pointy nose and rough scales. Plaice is a white, lean flaky fish with a mild flavor. This is a right eyed species.

The Winter flounder or "Blackbacks", got their name because of their migrations-in winter. Adults migrate from offshore areas where they feed to inshore areas like bays and estuaries, where they spawn. This is also a right eyed flounder. Winter flounder has a sweet taste and firm texture and is often the standard to which other flounder species are compared. Winter flounder absorbs seasoning and marinades readily and cooks up great on the grill. 



Winter Flounder, aka "Blackbacks", fresh off the boat

American Plaice, aka "Dabs" and Blackbacks off the boat 



Your Fishermen this Week are NH Fisherman Jamie Hayward, Captain of the F/V Heidi &Elisabeth and his crew out of Portsmouth, NH. We also received some help from our guestboat out of Portland, Maine.  Jamie and his 3 man crew, Tommy, Erik and Chris, on the Heidi & Elisabeth, fish about 300 days out of the year!

Captain Jamie Hayward, Heidi & Elisabeth, landing in Portsmouth, NH


Tommy (left) crew on Heidi & Elisabeth and Ward Byrne, offload crew



Cooking with Flounder is a delicate process. We like to remind all our members of the Cardinal rule for cooking any fish: Cook fish 10 minutes per inch of thickness. These fillets will be very thin, so just a few minutes each side will do!

Here are some great flounder recipes from our Pinterest Page here and a link to our blog with recipe ideas and videos here.

 Crispy Flounder and Roasted Tomatoes (courtesy of Pinterest)


Got recipes? Take pictures! You know who you are! We've loved seeing your posts over the years on our Social Media so much, that we want to start a contest! We are starting our Weekly Member Recipe Contest on Facebook and/or Instagram. And the competition will be stiff!

Here's how to enter:

  • Post your Catch of the Week recipe and a picture on our Facebook or Instagram (@NHCommunitySeafood) 
  • Post your recipe on your Instagram or FB and tag us (@NHCommunitySeafood)
  • Use the hashtag #recipecontest in either post

Whoever gets the most "likes" for the week, wins an Additional 1lb share of Fish for the week!

ENTER THIS WEEK TO WIN! Start posting tomorrow night through Sunday! Winner will be announced in the Weekly Newsletter!


Members get the opportunity to order seasonal Add ons throughout the Session. This Session, we will be offering the following for Seasonal Add ons, available to order in addition to your weekly share: Lobsters, Jonah Crabs, Scallops, Oysters, Mussels, Clams.  Stay tuned for Add on information as they become available! You order Add ons online with a debit or credit card. 


Our former Delivery Driver and now official Assistant Manager, Kendall Young has given up the driving to come on board and help with administration, Member Management and coordinating our Restaurant Supported Fishery. Please email kendall@nhcommunityseafood.com with any and all Membership questions pertaining to your account.


Thank you for your support for our local fishing community! We have just a handful of Day Boats left in NH. Every pound of seafood you buy helps support our local Fishermen!

Enjoy your delicious Flounder, a true local delicacy! Much more local seafood variety is coming your way this season!

All the best,

Andrea Tomlinson

General Manager

Seafood Enthusiast



1 Peirce Island Rd-Portsmouth-NH-03801



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