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NHCS Newsletter: Spring/Summer Session, WEEK 2 COD

Posted 4/23/2018 3:54pm by Andrea Tomlinson.

Eat Fresher Fish.  Support Our Local Fishing Industry.

Dear %%user-name%%,

Welcome to Week 2 of our Community Supported Fishery! There is still plenty of time to sign up, if you have friends, coworkers or family who are interested! We have a "rolling enrollment" throughout the season at a pro rated cost. That means you only pay for the week's you sign up for!

Due to a situation beyond our control, this is an abridged version of your newsletter, a full newsletter will come out tomorrow morning.

Your Catch of the Week for Week 2 will be Cod! Our Fisherman for the first part of the week is Charles "Puggy" Felch, F/V Lady Victoria, Seabrook, NH. Our Fishermen fish on a quota system that renews May 1. Many of them save their precious little Cod quota until the end of that "fish fiscal year". 

Sorry about our "Holds" system not functioning properly last week! It has been fixed and if you need to do a hold this week and double up on another week, do it here.

Order Additional Cod here, we will not have Additional Haddock this week, but plan to have it weekly, supply dependent.

Thanks for your support and look for your full newsletter tomorrow morning!


Andrea Tomlinson

NH Community Seafood



1 Peirce Island Rd-Portsmouth-NH-03801



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