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NHCS Newsletter: Spring/Summer Session, WEEK 13 KING WHITING

Posted 7/24/2017 3:37pm by Andrea Tomlinson.

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It is a rainy Monday on Week 13, but our Fishermen are landing this Tuesday's catch today! And, our Oyster Farmer was harvesting our Oysters Add ons this week early this morning!

Another week of fresh and local seafood off our own NH Coastline!

Also, your Oyster Add ons are coming this week if you ordered them! Deadline to order was last night.

This week, we feature one of the best tasting whitefish out there, the King Whiting.  Our gillnet fishermen are catching mostly Monkfish and Dogfish Shark.

This is a new fish for us this Spring/Summer Session and is brought to us mostly by our baitfish fishermen who are catching smaller Whiting (used as lobster bait), but also catch some King Whiting as bycatch!



 King Whiting is a thick white and  firm whitefish


The King's get their name from their large size, these are the biggest and best of the bunch!

This whitefish is a member of the Hake family, commonly known as Silver Hake. King Whiting live in both the northern and southern Atlantic. Our northern stock of King Whiting lives throughout the Gulf of Maine to the northern reaches of Georges Bank. King Whiting are important species in the ocean ecosystem as they act as both predator and prey, moving up and down throughout the water column to feed at night and resting on the muddy, sandy or pebbly bottom in the day (when they become prey!).  King Whiting are a grayish- silver color on the back, with a distinctive black lateral line and white speckles.

King Whiting's flesh is softer than that of cod or pollock and is not as flaky. The fillets are thick and firm.

The taste is moderate with a hint of sweet flavor. You can substitute the Whiting in any recipe that calls for cod, haddock or pollock. The fillets we provide are thick and meaty and easily seasoned or marinated. The fillets will come with the skin on and that adds both flavor and the important omega-3 fatty acids!  Here's a link to our new Pinterest Page for a bunch of fantastic Whiting (aka Hake) recipes: https://www.pinterest.com/nhcsf/hake-recipes/. Remember, 10 minutes per inch of thickness is how long to cook any fish!


 Seared King Whiting with scallion and lemon (Courtesy of Pinterest)


At NH Community Seafood, we pride ourselves on 100% transparency on the origin of your Seafood. We are proud to join the new nationwide campaign called KNOW YOUR FISHERMAN. Here is their new video, put out with the help of our friends at Local Catch.org: http://bit.ly/KnowYourFisherman-Vid.



Our Fishermen this week are our two otter trawlers, the F/V Ellen Diane, Captained by David Goethel, Hampton and the F/V Sandi Lynn, Captained by Neil Pike, Seabrook.

Here is one of two videos David helped to make last year with a Marketing class, at UNH: https://youtu.be/4MhSMrycIS8




Captain Neil Pike on one of our signature NHCS pictures, hauling his nets on the F/V Sandi Lynn

Additional Fish: 

If you would like Additional Fish this week, just go here and order. If you would like to use your credit from shellfish holds earlier, use the Pay by Check option at checkout, and your credit will automatically apply!


Please, do your holds and doubles through our Member Login here. We cannot do them for you, and once you do a hold or double, you are not able to change it in the system. So please contact us if it becomes necessary to change a hold or double.


Our Restaurant Supported Fishery is supported by area Chefs and Business Places that value fresh and local seafood. Thanks to Three Rivers Alliance for their help in finding interested Chefs for us!

Try one out and enjoy our fish all over the state!



We have just 3 weeks left in our Spring/Summer Session. Sign ups for our Fall Session will be available at the end of this week! Stay tuned!


Thank you for your support for our various NH local Fisheries and for making is Seafood this Summer.


Andrea Tomlinson

General Manager





Mailing Address: 1 Peirce Island Rd, Portsmouth, NH 03801





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