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NHCS Newsletter: Spring/Summer Session, Week 1 Flounder

Posted 5/1/2017 3:34pm by Andrea Tomlinson.

NH Community Seafood-Community Supported Fishery (CSF)

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Dear %%user-name%%,

Welcome to Week 1 of our Community Supported Fishery! Welcome back to all our returning Members and a special Welcome to all of our New Members.

Our fish this week will be a medley of Flatfish, the Flounders! Our Dayboat Fishermen are finishing catching their quota for the 2016 Fishing Year, which ended yesterday.  We will be serving up a variety of three types of flounder this week. You may get one, two or all three in your share!

The three fish we are serving up are:

Yellowtail flounder

American Plaice, nickname: "Dabs"

Winter Flounder, nickname: "Blackbacks"


This is a great opportunity to educate you a bit on the Flounder family, one of my favorites. Flounder are a bit of an evolutionary vestige, they are "flatfish" as opposed to the average shape of a fish, which us fish folks refer to as "roundfish" Flounders are also either right-handed or left-handed, this refers to which side the eyes are on, if you hold the fish upright. Flounder carry most of their "parts" on the top of their body, eyes, fins and scales. Most are white or opaque underneath and camouflaged on top to blend in with the type of bottom where they live. If you Scuba dive, you will notice flounder are so well camouflaged at times you only see a small pair of eyes staring at you before you notice the fish itself! Finally,when filleting a flounder, you actually can get fillets from both the top of the fish, which is the thicker part as well as the underside. Versatile and delicious!

 American Plaice 

The American Plaice or "Dabs" are a cold water species that range from southern Labrador to Rhode Island and in the eastern Atlantic from Greenland to northern Europe. Dabs live on the sandy/mud bottom and prefer deep water. Some can be found as deep as 700m (about 2100ft). They are reddish to gray-brown on top and have a blueish white underside. They have a distinctly pointy nose and rough scales. Plaice is a white, lean flaky fish with a mild flavor. This is a right eyed species.


  Yellowtail Flounder

 The Yellowtail flounder is found in the Atlantic Ocean from Newfoundland to the Chesapeake Bay. The species got its name from the yellow tint on the tail and fins that encompass the top and bottom of the flattened out, eyes- on- top anatomy of this species. Like all flounders, the Yellowtail spends most of its time on the bottom of the ocean, particularly in sandy bottoms and is basically sedentary unless disturbed or hungry. It is a right eyed flounder.

The flesh of this bottom dweller is lean and firm with a distinctly sweet taste often used as the standard when comparing the flavor of other flounder species. 

   Winter Flounder

The Winter flounder or "Blackbacks", got their name because of their migrations-in winter. Adults migrate from offshore areas where they feed to inshore areas like bays and estuaries, where they spawn. This is also a right eyed flounder. Winter flounder has a sweet taste and firm texture and is often the standard to which other flounder species are compared. Winter flounder absorbs seasoning and marinades readily and cooks up great on the grill. 

Your NH Fishermen this week are the seaworthy Veterans, Jamie Hayward (left), of the F/V Heidi Elisabeth, Portsmouth and David Goethel (right), of the F/V Ellen Diane, Hampton.


Thanks to  the Captains and their hard working crews for the delicious array of Flounder this week for our first Week of NH Fresh and Local fish!

Cooking Flounder: We like to remind all our members of the Cardinal rule for cooking any fish: Cook fish 10 minutes per inch of thickness. These fillets will be very thin, so just a few minutes each side will do! Here are some great flounder recipes from our Pinterest Page : https://www.pinterest.com/nhcsf/flounder/ and https://www.pinterest.com/nhcsf/plaice/

Additional Fish Each Week:  Starting next week, we will have Additional Fish available weekly for you to order, in addition to your share. We will send you the link to that store in next week's newsletter. You can order as much extra fish as you like, orders of 4 or more pounds are offered at a discounted price!

Seasonal Add-ons: Throughout the season, we will be offering seasonal seafood available in NH in addition to your weekly shares. Stay tuned for these yummy Add-ons to be announced as they become available, like Live Lobsters, Oysters, Scallops and our signature Lobster Ravioli from Portsmouth Lobster Company! 

Some FAQ's about this Session:

Q: Do I have to be paid up by this week to pick up my share?

A: No, you do not. We work on the Trust System and allow you to pay anytime within your session, even in installments, if that is more feasible for your budget.

Q: How do I know what is being offered each week?

A: Each Monday of the Session, we send out a newsletter highlighting what fish or shellfish (3 weeks out of the session) is "The Catch of the Week", including the Fisherman who caught your fish and recipe ideas. If you don't like those offerings, you can "hold" for that week (instructions below)

Q: Can I extend my 8-week Membership to 15-weeks or the Annual Membership if I like the program?

 A: Most definitely! We will send out an email at the latter part of the 8-week Session with an offer to extend your Membership.

 Q: What if I don't want the Lobsters or the Oysters?

 A: Lobsters will be Week 3 (May 15-20) and Oysters will be Week 5 (May 29-June3) and Week 8 (June 19-24) If you do not want shellfish any of these weeks, simply go to our Member Login section here: %%login-link%% and "HOLD" for that week. You will receive a credit on your account for $16/oyster weeks and $14/lobster week.  You can then use that credit to buy "Additional Fish" the following week or additional shellfish on Shellfish Weeks OR one of our various seasonal "Add-ons" throughout the season.

Q: Can I get fish in place of the Lobsters or Oysters on those weeks?
A: We would really like to accommodate our non-shellfish eaters, but we are unable at this time to provide fish on the shellfish weeks. That's why we are offering an instant credit to buy more fish the weeks directly following the shellfish weeks. 

Q: What if I am away one of the weeks and can't pick up my share?

 A: If this is Week 3, 5 or 8, please hold for that week, but we cannot offer a double of shellfish or fish to make up for a missed shellfish share, only a credit, due to pricing differences between the shellfish and  fish shares. If you have to hold on a shellfish week, we will credit you as described above. If it is any other week within the 8 or 15 week session, we have a simple and user friendly "hold system" just go to http://www.nhcommunityseafood.com/members/scheduleactions and choose the week you will be away and "hold" that week and choose another week within your session to "double up" your fish share. 

Finally, our goal this year is to reach 1000 CSF Members with our 24 Pick Up Locations. We are currently have 487 and climbing. We have recently been in The Concord Monitor, The Hippo and will be featured on NHPR soon and in the new journal, Fiddleheads, to name a few!

Members Finding Members Campaign: This year, we are reaching our to all of you to help with our new campaign entitled "Members Finding Members".

If each of us simply refers ONE PERSON to this program, we could instantly double our Membership and reach our goal, while making a greater impact on our NH Fishing Community, people who need our support more than ever this year.

Here is how you could help:

Tell a family member, neighbor, coworker or  friend about us!

Or use Social Media to spread the word:

Here is a link to our Sign up Page for new Members you could send out: http://www.nhcommunityseafood.com/members/types

 If you like Facebook, please share one of our sign up posts here: https://www.facebook.com/NhCommunitySeafood/
If you use Twitter, feel free to Retweet our Sign up posts
And if you prefer Instagram, we've got that too here: https://www.instagram.com/nhcommunityseafood/
Enjoy the Flounder and get ready for some great fresh seafood this season!
Andrea Tomlinson
General Manager/Seafood Enthusiast


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