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NHCS Newsletter, Last Week 6, Session 2

Posted 8/11/2015 11:07am by Andrea Tomlinson.

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Hello CSF Members,

It's our last week of Session 2 and we are taking next week off before starting Session 3. We have been fortunate to have a diverse variety of fish this Session and back by popular demand this week to close the Session is the King Whiting! The King's get their name from their large size, these are the biggest and best of the bunch!

The King Whiting,  is a member of the Hake family, commonly known as Silver Hake. King Whiting live in both the northern and southern Atlantic. Our northern stock of King Whiting lives throughout the Gulf of Maine to the northern reaches of Georges Bank. King Whiting are important species in the ocean ecosystem as they act as both predator and prey, moving up and down throughout the water column to feed at night and resting on the muddy, sandy or pebbly bottom in the day (when they become prey!).  King Whiting are a grayish- silver color on the back, with a distinctive black lateral line and white speckles.

King Whiting's flesh is softer than that of cod or pollock and is not as flaky. The taste is moderate with a hint of sweet flavor. You can substitute the Whiting in any recipe that calls for cod ,haddock or pollock. The fillets we provide are thick and meaty and easily seasoned or marinated. The fillets will come with the skin on and that adds both flavor and the important omega-3 fatty acids!  Here's a link to our new Pinterest Page for a bunch of fantastic Whiting (aka Hake) recipes: https://www.pinterest.com/nhcsf/hake-recipes/.


Our  NH Day Boat Trawlers are catching all of our King Whiting this week. Landed in Seabrook, we thank Captains David Goethel of the F/V Ellen Diane  and Captain Neil Pike of the F/V Sandi Lynn. Thanks guys for the great fish!

         David Goethel                                   Neil Pike and son


Need some extra fish one week for that Family party or neighborhood barbeque? You asked for it and now you've got it! We now have an Additional Fish Feature on the Member Log In page. Just chose from our 1lb increments how much extra fish you would like, pay online and the fish will be delivered with your regular share!


Available every Friday, off the boat, until October:

Want to buy some local soft shell lobsters and Jonah crabs, right off the boat, the same day they were caught? Damon Frampton of the F/V Vivian Mae and John Bordon of the F/V Mary Baker  have started selling these yummy crustaceans off the boat, at thePortsmouth Commercial Fishing Pier, on Peirce Island, next to Prescott Park. You will find them down on the docks between 3-6pm on Fridays for the rest of the summer into October!



This is the end of Session 2 folks, time to sign up for Session 3, which starts August 24 and runs til Oct 4. Then we will have another 6-week, Session 4 until the November 22. If supplies last, we will also be offering a 4-week Holiday/Stock your Freezer Session for December complete with Fish, Lobster and Oysters! 

ADD-ONS for Session 3:

We will continue to offer our Gulf of Maine Lobster Ravioli for Session 3 as an Add-On. We would also like to offer our NH caught live Lobsters as an Add-on! Look for and email announcement next week, on our week off for all the details!


Labelling bags: You may have noticed our new flashy labels complete with weights on them! No more colored dots! We use at least 500 bags each week for our shares. Our bags now say "FRESH FISH", as opposed to the fish species name. So, if you would like to help label bags, something we need help with weekly, you could simply email or text me at the contact below and I could have bags and labels waiting for you at your pick up location. You can take them home, label at your leisure and return them the following week! We would appreciate any and all help we can get with this! Thanks to all our faithful Portsmouth CSF Member volunteers for help with this weeks labels!

Social Media: Like us on Facebook, invite your friends to view our page and please post your cooked fish! We are on Twitter and Instagram too! Retweet our tweets and spread the word!

Handing out Shares: Some of our pick ups, like Farmer Dave's, Dover and Laconia are self serve pick ups. If you are willing to help hand out shares, it is helpful to have someone checking off names and ensuring you have the correct share size and Add ons. If you are interested in doing this, please let me know at the below email address.

A special thank you to Portsmouth CSF Member and Photographer, Michael Sterling for the photo shoot at Yankee Fishermen's Coop last week! We will be adding Michael's shots to our website and Facebook page and you can see me in action, "loading dogs" (dogfish sharks) after a day at sea with Fisherman and NHCS Board Member, Captain Tommy Lyons and his crew member and longtime Fisherman, Collin Barnard

Thank you all for your continued patronage and support for our NH Fishing Community! Tell your friends, neighbors and family all about us and to Sign up for Session 3, so we can set some membership records for our third year in existence as NH's only Community Supported Fishery supporting our NH Fishing Community!

Enjoy the King Whiting and make this an opportunity to eat like King's and Queen's!

Have fun,









Andrea Tomlinson

Manager, New Hampshire Community Seafood

(603) 767-7209

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