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NHCS Newsletter: Holiday Seafood Medley Week 3-SCALLOPS

Posted 12/17/2018 11:45am by Andrea Tomlinson.

Eat Fresher Fish.  Support Our Local Fishing Industry.



Dear %%user-firstname%%,

Welcome to Week 3 of our Holiday Seafood Medley! Our seasonal seafood this week are Dayboat Scallops! Our NH Fishermen are just getting started with the scalloping season, so we relied this week on our New Bedford Guestboats.

Additional Scallops are available until 12pm tonight. Order here for bags in quantities 1 lb or 5 lb! Serve up Scallops for the Holiday and dazzle your family and guests!

You will find some great recipes here for Scallops on our Pinterest Page

Next week's Premium Fish will be either Halibut or Grey Sole, depending on market price. Once we know, we will open up the Additional Fish order for next week, our final week of the Holiday Medley.

Thanks for making it local and seasonal Seafood for the Holidays! And for supporting our local and regional fishing industry!

Happy Holidays,

Andrea Tomlinson
General Manager


1 Peirce Island Rd-Portsmouth-NH-03801



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