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NHCS Newsletter: Fall Session, WEEK 7 FLOUNDER

Posted 10/2/2017 3:58pm by Andrea Tomlinson.

NH Community Seafood-Community Supported Fishery (CSF)

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Dear %%user-name%%,

We are already in Week 7 of our Community Supported Fishery! And good news for our 8-week Members! We are offering you an Extension on the Fall Session for the full 15 weeks, click here to sign up. You can sign up to continue the full 15 week Session until December 2! 

This Full Fall Session includes fish and lobsters for your shares. Your Lobster Share is 3-chix lobsters/share regardless of Fish Share size. Lobsters are priced the same for all Fish Share Sizes. We hope to be able to offer Additional Lobsters for sale during lobster weeks.

Lobster Weeks for this Session will be Week 9 (Week of Oct. 16) and Week 11 (Week of Oct 30), weather permitting, of course! If you are an Annual Member or a 15-week Member this Fall, you will be receiving the Lobster Shares these weeks. If for some reason you do not want Lobster, please HOLD that week through our Member login system here and you will receive a credit from us to use towards future purchases. 

Our fish this week is the Flounder, specifically the American Plaice.  

 American Plaice 

The American Plaice or "Dabs" are a cold water species that range from southern Labrador to Rhode Island and in the eastern Atlantic from Greenland to northern Europe. Dabs live on the sandy/mud bottom and prefer deep water. Some can be found as deep as 700m (about 2100ft). They are reddish to gray-brown on top and have a blueish white underside. They have a distinctly pointy nose and rough scales. 

Plaice is a white, lean flaky fish with a mild flavor. This is a right eyed species. The flesh of this bottom dweller is lean and firm with a distinctly sweet taste often used as the standard when comparing the flavor of other flounder species. 

Our Fishermen this week are our guestboat friends from Portland, Maine including the F/V Christina Carol. Our local NH Dayboat Fishing fleet is down to 4 boats for the remainder of season and are currently catching primarily baitfish and Monkfish. That will change soon, as the Flounder and Pollock come into our shores.


F/V Christina Carol, the smaller boat left, helped with our Flounder Catch this week

Cooking Flounder:

Flounder is delicate and your fillets will be thin and numerous. Don't overcook the Flounder, or it will become tough!

We like to remind all our members of the Cardinal rule for cooking any fish: Cook fish 10 minutes per inch of thickness. These fillets will be very thin, so just a few minutes each side will do! Here are some great flounder recipes from our Pinterest Page : https://www.pinterest.com/nhcsf/flounder/ and https://www.pinterest.com/nhcsf/plaice/

Baked Flounder with lemon


The Documentary featuring our own NH Fishermen, Sacred Cod will be here in NH for a double viewing this month!


 SACRED COD, the documentary at NH Film Festival this Year

(Courtesy of Sacred Cod)


Don't miss the documentary SACRED COD a the NH Film Festival this year in Portsmouth. Dates and times are October 13 at 3:45pm and October 15 at 10:55am. Our own NH Fishermen David Goethel can be seen  in this riveting documentary based on the lives of two local Fishermen who once depended on cod to make a living. 

Additional Fish Orders:
Order Additional Fish for this week, WEEK 7 here. They will be delivered with your share and all orders over 3 lbs are discounted.  Discounted for Members only!
Please do all holds and doubles through our Member Login on our website here by Monday at 9pm! We ask that YOU, the Member do all holds and doubles, so you can have the convenience of choosing the weeks you want to double up!
Still owed a DOUBLE SHARE from doing a HOLD? Those we will have to do for you. Just email us once you know the Catch of the Week and we will double you up!
And there is still time to sign up at a prorated cost if you know friends or relatives that would like to receive our fresh and local seafood! Just direct them to our website and to sign ups here!
Thank you for your support for our local fishing industry! Enjoy the Flounder and post your recipes on our Facebook Page @NHCommunitySeafood!
Andrea Tomlinson
General Manager






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