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NHCS Newsletter: Fall Session, WEEK 5 ACADIAN REDFISH

Posted 9/18/2017 2:32pm by Andrea Tomlinson.

NH Community Seafood-Community Supported Fishery (CSF)

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Dear %%user-name%%, 

Welcome to Week 5 of our Community Supported Fishery! We hope you are enjoying our wide selection of New Hampshire fish species we have been offering you so far! New England has the largest variety of fish on the East coast and we are determined to serve up every last one we can get ahold of for you!

And don't forget, next week, Week 6, we will be offering our Virgin Oyster Company, Oyster Add-ons for Members only! Order here for your raw, in-the-shell oysters.

Oysters come bags of one dozen, and are $16/dozen for orders under 3 dozen and $15/dozen for orders of 4 or 5 dozen! Oysters are delivered with your fish shares at your pick up location.

And if you love Oysters, don't miss the 7th Annual Oysterpalooza Celebration at Liars Bench Brewery, 459 Islington St., Portsmouth, NH this Wednesday, from 4-8pm!

The tradition continues. Come join Liars Bench & Friends for the 7th annual Oysterpalooza, a celebration of the Great Bay's bivalve bounty. $60 dollars gets you all inclusive handfuls of everything. Fresh shucked local oysters from Virgin Oyster Company, LLCCedar Point Oysters & Fox Point Oysters, frothy beer from Liars Bench Beer Company, mini hot dogs from Moxy, tacos from Vida Cantina NH and lobster rolls from Seaport Fish. And just think, if we're out of breathe listing all the options, imagine of how your belly will feel.

Our fish this week is the Acadian Redfish, otherwise called "Red Perch" or "Ocean Perch".  This is our northern Atlantic Grouper species. This big eyed fish looks like a tropical fish from the islands. A member of the Rockfish (grouper) family, the Redfish is a deep water, goggle eyed, slow-growing, fish that spans from Norway to Georges Bank in our Atlantic Ocean. Not to be confused with red drum, a southern species down south, the Redfish births live young (very rare with fish) and can live to be up to 50 years old! This species, once thought of as by-catch or lobster bait, is quickly becoming one of the more popular fish in the US, especially here in New England!

 Acadian Redfish, scaled and ready to fillet (Courtesy of Wicked Fish,Inc)

The fillets on these fish are thin and delicate but have a distinctly sweet flavor. You will receive your fillets with the red skin on. Remember, the skin of the fish is where most of the healthy Omega-3 oils are stored AND they add a lot of flavor when cooking.

Try them in fish tacos, sautéed in butter with lemon and garlic or on the grill in tin foil. Here is a link to a number of great Redfish recipes on our Pinterest Page:https://www.pinterest.com/nhcsf/acadian-redfish/. And remember the cardinal rule for cooking fish10 minutes per inch, including flip time! Because these fillets are very thin, you will therefore only need to cook them for a few minutes each side!

 Pan Seared Redfish w/ Greek Orzo & Red Pepper Lemon Emulsion (Courtesy of Pinterest)


Our Fishermen this week are two guest boats out of Portland, Maine The F/V Teresa Marie IV and the F/V Harmony owned by the Fishing Family of Jimmy Odlinfishing in the same waters as our NH Fishermen in the Gulf of Maine. Sometimes, when NH Dayboat Fishermen are only catching one or two species for us to provide our members, we rely on our bigger tripboat, guestboats  to provide a variety of fish for you!


F/V Teresa Marie, one of our Guestboats this week from Portland, Me

(Courtesy of Cape Ann Images)

    Our other Guestboat,  F/V  Harmony with outriggers set, out of Portland, Me
(Courtesy of Bob Baker)

ADDITIONAL FISH THIS WEEK: Order Additional Fish here for this Week! Redfish freezes up nicely and is a great fish to have on hand for a quick fish meal, as it cooks so fast!

HOLDS and DOUBLES:   We ask that all Members do their own holds through our Member Login Portal on our website here. When you do a hold, you also have to pick a double date. You can hold the week's you don't like the offerings or will be away and double on a subsequent week.

Restaurant Supported Fishery: We have a host of fabulous restaurants that carry our fish on their menu weekly. Often times, this is a different fish than what we offer our CSF Members, so try them out! Here is a current list of all our RSF participants with a link (just click on the name of the restaurant) to their website!


Thanks to our partners at Three River Farmers Alliance for their help with our Restaurant clients! 

Upcoming Fish this Session: Our two otter trawl dayboats out of Seabrook, NH will be back fishing flounder soon! And we will see more cod and pollock on the menu this session as well!

Your support for our local fishing community is very much appreciated! Enjoy the Acadian Redfish, our very own New England Grouper!


Andrea Tomlinson

General Manager





Mailing Address: 1 Peirce Island Rd, Portsmouth, NH 03801





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