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NHCS Newsletter: Fall Session, WEEK 10 ATLANTIC POLLOCK

Posted 10/23/2017 5:02pm by Andrea Tomlinson.

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Dear %%user-name%%,

We are already in Week 10 for our Fall Session! I hope everyone enjoyed their delicious soft shell lobsters last week! I know I did! If you held your share last week, you will see your credit appear on your account this week.

Remember, we will be doing lobsters again next week, Week 11 and then fish for the remainder of the Session.

If you have a credit (you can check here on your Member login under Payments, credits appear as a (-) number) you can use it to order Additional Fish, Add-ons or sign up for our Holiday Medley, if you want to use it this year. Your credit with us never expires!

To use your credit, order your item and at the checkout use the "Pay by Check" payment option, not the Paypal option. This method will then send you and email with your adjusted balance. You can then use a check or go back into the Payments section at the Member login.

This week's Fish is the Atlantic Pollock! Pollock tastes a lot like cod, is closely related and a great fish for the grill!

Atlantic Pollock is quickly becoming the new signature New England fish, tasting much like cod and haddock and very abundant. Check out the article which appeared on our Facebook page:http://www.concordmonitor.com/Misunderstood-pollock-a-key-to-New-England-seafood-s-future-2011708.


Atlantic Pollock is related to cod and haddock and sometimes referred to as "Green cod".  Atlantic Pollock are found in the Northwest Atlantic Ocean and are most common on the western Scotian Shelf and in the Gulf of Maine. A different species of Atlantic Pollock, commonly known as saithe, is found in the Eastern Atlantic.

Atlantic Pollock differs from cod in that they have a greenish hue and slightly darker flesh. Not to be confused with Alaskan Pollock, found in the Pacific Ocean and one of the most harvested fish in the world. Alaskan Pollock is often times found in frozen fish sticks and fish fillets and a main ingredient in seafood salad and many processed seafood products.


 Baked Greek Pollock (courtesy of Pinterest)


Our Altantic Pollock has a white, firm flesh with a sweet and delicate flavor. It is low in saturated fat and a great source of B 12 vitamins! 

Pollock is great in fish chowder, broiled, baked for grilled. It is also fabulous for fish tacos and works well with any blackened recipe. Substitute it in any recipe that calls for cod or haddock. Here is are some great recipe ideas on our Pinterest Page:https://www.pinterest.com/nhcsf/pollock.

Our Fisherman this week is Jamie Hayward and his dedicated crew on the F/V Heidi Elisabeth. F/V Heidi Elisabeth is NH's most fished Day boat! 

Thanks to Jamie and his crew for our Fresh Catch this week!

F/V Heidi & Elisabeth coming into Portsmouth
Tommy and Ward of the Heidi & Elisabeth crew

Erik Crowley (left) and Zach Griggs (right) new young owner of the F/V Bridget Leigh, filling in for a sick crew member on the Heidi & Elisabeth


Additional Fish Orders:
Order Additional Pollock for this week, WEEK 10 here. They will be delivered with your share and all orders over 3 lbs are discounted. Discounted for Members only!
Please do all holds and doubles through our Member Login on our website here by Monday at 9pm! We ask that YOU, the Member do all holds and doubles, so you can have the convenience of choosing the weeks you want to double up!
Still owed a DOUBLE SHARE from doing a HOLD? Those we will have to do for you. Just email us once you know the Catch of the Week and we will double you up!
And there is still time to sign up at a prorated cost if you know friends or relatives that would like to receive our fresh and local seafood! Just direct them to our website and to sign ups here!

Restaurant Supported Fishery: We have a host of fabulous restaurants that carry our fish on their menu weekly. Often times, this is a different fish than what we offer our CSF Members, so try them out! Here is a current list of all our RSF participants with a link (just click on the name of the restaurant) to their website!


Thanks to our partners at Three River Farmers Alliance for their help with our Restaurant clients! 

And don't forget we are at the Portsmouth Farmer's Market on Saturdays, 8-1pm and Exeter Farmer's Market, Thursdays, 2:15-6pm and the Contoocook Farmer's Market on Saturdays, 10am-12noon!
That's all for today folks, we have some news to update you on concerning our NH Fisherman David Goethel's battle with the National Marine Fisheries Service and the US Supreme Court, but that full story and what you can do to help, next week!
Enjoy the Pollock, what many are calling our "new Cod".
Andrea Tomlinson
General Manager



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