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Introducing Flexible Fish, a new way to order without a weekly commitment!

Posted 4/17/2020 4:46pm by Andrea Tomlinson.

Eat Fresher Fish.  Support Our Local Fishing Industry.


We are so excited to announce we have just created a new way for our supporters to buy local seafood, without committing to a weekly Membership! Introducing the Flexible Fish Membership!

Many of our former and potential new members have said in the past that weekly fish and shellfish is too much for them. We have come up with a new Membership called Flexible Fish

Here's how it works:

  • Order any week you like, no weekly Membership commitment!
  • Select your pick up location when you sign up, you can change your location weekly if needed
  • Selections will include Catch of the Week Fish, Weekly Haddock and  biweekly Shellfish, it looks like this
  • Pay as you go, one time sign up fee of $10

Sign up here for Returning Members

Sign up here for New Members

Select the Flexible Fish Membership and you will receive a weekly ordering sheet every Monday morning with our fresh and local seafood options that week!

Simple as that. We want to make our seafood accessible to everyone and provide a flexible and convenient ordering system that fits everyone's needs!

We sure hope to see all of our former Members who have been waiting patiently for this option to come along!

Thanks for supporting local fishermen, in this crisis, when they need it the most!

All the best,

Andrea Tomlinson
General Manager
Flexibility Supporter


1 Peirce Island Rd-Portsmouth-NH-03801



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