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NHCS Newsletter: Spring/Summer Session, WEEK 12 HADDOCK

Posted 7/17/2017 4:47pm by Andrea Tomlinson.

NH Community Seafood-Community Supported Fishery (CSF)

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Dear %%user-name%%, 

We are in Week 12 of our Community Supported Fishery. The Catch of the Week is Atlantic Haddock!

And we will be offering our NH grown, Great Bay Oysters as Add ons Week 13!

You can order your Add-on Oysters here and use your credit (if you have it) from earlier shellfish holds to pay for them! Just use the "Pay by Check" option in Checkout, and any credit you have with us will be applied to your purchase!

Oysters are just $16/dozen for Members! Oysters are in the shell and raw. Order here!

And Additional Haddock can be ordered here for this week! Additional Fish is available in 1-5 lb packages. 

The Know Your Fishermen Campaign has begun today. Check out their new video herehttp://bit.ly/KnowYourFisherman-Vid. Thanks to Local Catch, the Community Fisheries Network and Ecotrust for developing this campaign. Learn more here: https://localcatch.org/know-your-fisherman/

The size of our Gulf of Maine Haddock has changed over the years. Here is a great article on the scrod Haddock that are currently being harvested by our area Fishermen: "It's OKAY to Eat Small Haddock", http://www.fish-news.com//cfn/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/NOAA-Navigator-7-17.pdf.

The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), one of the oldest and most recognized sustainable seafood licensing agencies, just approved New England wild caught Haddock, Pollock and Acadian redfish as sustainably caught seafood. Those involved with the study claim this "allows consumers to buy New England redfish, haddock and pollock with the confidence that the fisheries will continue to be operated and managed in a sustainable manner".



A cousin to the cod, the popular Haddock spans both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. In our western Atlantic, Haddock can be found from Newfoundland to Cape May, New Jersey. A cold water species, the Haddock is most abundant in the Gulf of Maine and especially offshore on Georges Bank.

Haddock prefer a gravel or rocky bottom and can live up to 10 years old. Grayish-silver in color, with a distinctive black lateral line and black 'thumbprint" along the side, haddock are also easily recognized by their pointed, shark-like, front dorsal fin. This species feeds primarily on mollusks, crustaceans and herring. 

Haddock fillets are firm and tender. They are denser than a cod fillet and have a sweet, mild flavor. Most fried fish sandwiches and fish and chips meals you will find in New England are haddock. This is a staple and abundant New England species and is plentiful in our Gulf of Maine.

Bacon and tomato topped Haddock (Courtesy of Pinterest)


Here are some great recipe ideas for Haddock, including the above pictured dish:https://www.pinterest.com/recipes/haddock/.

Our Fishermen this week are the Captain and Crew of our Guestboat from Portland, the F/V Blue Water III. Our NH Fishermen are catching Pollock, Monkfish and Dogfish exclusively, in bulk right now. For the sake of diversity, we are offering a "Guest Fish" this week from our neighbors in Maine.


Blue Water III in Portland, ME



If you love Haddock or just need some extra fish this week, we offering our Additional Fish Orders to be made until 9pm tonight.  Additional fish will come in 1lb and 2lb packages up to 5lb per order! Order your extra haddock tonight to get it delivered with your share this week! 

Discounts Available for orders over 3lbs!


Please, do your holds and doubles through our Member Login here. We cannot do them for you, and once you do a hold or double, you are not able to change it in the system. So please contact us if it becomes necessary to change a hold or double.


Our Restaurant Supported Fishery is supported by area Chefs and Business Places that value fresh and local seafood. Thanks to Three Rivers Alliance for their help in finding interested Chefs for us!

Try one out and enjoy our fish all over the state!





Thanks for your support and for helping to preserve our New England Heritage and the livelihoods of a few remaining Fishermen in our region!

Enjoy the Haddock and don't forget to order your Oysters while supplies last!

Happy Summer,

Andrea Tomlinson

General Manager/Seafood Enthusiast




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