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NHCS Newsletter: Week 3, Season 3

Posted 10/27/2014 7:45pm by Andrea Tomlinson.

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Week 3, Season 3

Ahoy CSF Members!

We hope everyone enjoyed their Atlantic Pollock last week.  This week we will have our dayboat fishermen's Cape Shark, a delicious species that is nearly impossible to find in stores here in New England.  

Cape shark, also known as Dogfish, is our most abundant specie available in our local waters and up until recently has been entirely shipped overseas to be used for fish and chips in England. Though each of our fishermen land thousands of pounds of them daily, little to no market has been developed here in the United States. Why aren't we utilizing this plentiful shark locally? I am not sure, but as a community of seafood-lovers set-out to support our NH fishermen, we are determined to change local perceptions of this vastly abundant species. 

That being said, Cape Shark yields a tender white fillet, meatier than your typical white-flakey fish, but not quite as dense as say a swordfish fillet.  There will be no skin on your shark this week.  Many of our RSF chefs who work with Cape Shark like to soak the fillets in milk for 15-30 minutes before preparing it to help tenderize the meat, although it is not required.  You could also store it in the fridge this way, if you don't plan on using it right away.  Keep in mind Cape Shark has a shorter shelf-life than some of our other white-fish such as cod, so I would suggest cooking it the within 1-3 days, otherwise I would freeze it until you are ready to prepare it.



Cape Shark is most often prepared as fish and chips or a fried Po-Boy Sandwich.  Why not try Dogfish Head Beer-Battered Dogfish?  Cape Shark also holds up very well in a tomato-based Osco Busco style as suggested on our recipe page here, or try preparing Cape Shark kabobs on the grill as I had done last Summer featured at the end of my blogpost highlighting the overabundance of dogfish shark; it's not too late in the year to pull out the grill. Is it ever really?!  Find my post, Slightly Cloudy with a Chance of Dogshere.  When marinating your fresh catch, get creative; don't feel constrained to the marinades I share with you.  Maybe spice it up a bit and try a cajun twist, or go for a fresh, Autumn taste and use herbs from your windowsill garden. 


Share your recipe ideas on our Facebook page.  If you haven't swung by our Facebook page just yet, please be sure to do so, and maybe throw us a "Like" while you're there.  Also be sure to follow our Twitter account for the latest season up-dates @NHCommunityFish.  You can also find us on Instagram at NH Community Seafood.  We are just that hip. 

For your viewing pleasure I am going to include a film Brittany Debelis made several Summers ago, By/Catch featuring efforts to promote local Dogfish by offering it at a local restaurant, the Black Trumpet. Keep in mind, this video was made while NHCS was just an inkling of an idea and I was still a student studying marine biology at the University of New Hampshire. It's pretty amazing to look back on this and see what progress our community has made. Enjoy!

This week you have several fishermen to thank for your NH fresh catch: Jamie Hayward of Portsmouth Harbor, Tommy Lyons of Hampton Harbor, and Rick Anderson of Rye Harbor.  These 3 guys will specifically be fishing with our members in mind this week.  And please think of them as you enjoy your delicious Cape Shark this week.  And feel good about providing them an outlet in which to offer their under appreciated catch. 



Notes about this week!  Please take a quick look through them.  

Several of our pick-up locations will be changing slightly.  

Nashua will now be at 58 Lowell Street at the First Unitarian Church rather than the park on Tuesday from 3-6.  

Also, the pick-up in Dracut will no longer be at the barn at Farmer Daves, but will be changing locations along with their winter CSA to 1276 Broadway Street in Dracut, same day and time.  

Last week marked the last Manchester Market of the season.  Pick-ups will now be held with Brookford Farm's CSA distribution point at Brookside Church at 2013 Elm Street in Manchester, same day and time.  

The Concord pick-up time frame will be changing slightly from 12:30-2:30.  Brookford Farm will no longer be there on Thursdays anymore, but we will be sure to send a representative to help with distribution of our shares.

The Exeter pick-up location will be changing to 9 Newfields Road starting next week.  We will be sure to remind you as it gets closer to that time.  

Hard to believe the Summer Farmers' Market seasons are coming to a close. Where does the time go...



I've been investigating some Fishues of my own here, working in the Virgin Islands for the Winter.  I was fortunate enough to go fishing the other day with some good friends and reeled in some nice Mahi.  I wish I could include them in all of your CSF shares because they were delicious.  You can bet we had some tasty fish tacos with homemade guacamole with the local avocados.  Delish.  Trust me, I was thinking of all of you as I enjoyed them with my coworkers.  


That may be it for this week, but before I leave you I wanted to provide you with a quick tip. If you're looking for additional variety for your seafood bounty and are ever near the coast, the Anderson family of F/V Rimrack have been selling scallops off their boat in Rye Harbor.  You can find out more information about their operation on their website: http://www.rimrackfish.com Or check out their Facebook page to find out about future landings.  Spread the love. Eat Fresh & Local.









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